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Category: GIVI

Two new bags complete the Canyon range

GIVI launches GRT723 and GRT724, the perfect pair for adventurous bikers. With the aim of meeting all the needs of trail/adventure enthusiasts, GIVI, the transalpine brand of motorbike and motorcyclist equipment, has created...

The affordable GIVI top case made for all types of motorcyclists

The new GIVI Monolock B45+ top case is the perfect solution for those looking for quality at a competitive price for both urban use and road trips. The new GIVI Monolock B45+ top...

GIVI Explorer, the perfect place to enjoy motorbike adventures

The transalpine company's project offers tips, first-person experiences, advice, routes and everything you need to share your passion for two wheels through its updated website GIVI, the transalpine motorbike and motorcyclist equipment company,...
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