GIVI has quality for all budgets

GIVI has quality for all budgetsGIVI presents the new V45 Arena plastic top case which is compatible with most motorbikes and maxi scooters on the market.

The Italian motorbike and motorcycling equipment company expands its varied catalogue with the new V45 Arena top case, a perfect solution to solve users’ day-to-day storage problems. With a capacity of 45 litres, this innovative top case fits perfectly on most bikes, making it a great choice for two-wheeled enthusiasts who need a multi-purpose option for both everyday use and for longer getaways. It can also be complemented with different GIVI accessories.

Maxi scooters have a large storage capacity for day-to-day use. Yet when it comes to touring, they can fall a little short in that regard. One of the great advantages of this type of scooter comes with the potential to attach larger panniers than those that would be added to a normal scooter. Faced with this problem, GIVI, with 45 years of experience in designing saddlebags, cases, bags and various accessories, has introduced the new V45 Arena top case. This latest innovation aims to respond to the needs of motorcyclists, offering them the chance to increase the space on their motorbike, to carry everything they need in their daily lives or during the different trips they may take.Givi Has Quality For All Budgets

The V45 Arena features a large capacity of 45 litres and a maximum load of 10 kilos, which translates into enough space for two full-face helmets. What’s more, the Monokey® attachment system allows for easy installation and removal, which also makes the top case compatible with most motorbikes and scooters on the market. It also features a key locking system, which ensures that everything you store is safe and secure. Finally, GIVI guarantees a high degree of water resistance for its cases, as they are tested with a special machine that simulates rain with a flow rate of more than 20 litres per minute, which is essential for everyday use and in all circumstances.Givi Has Quality For All Budgets

One of the V45 Arena’s great advantages is the possibility to complement it with different optional accessories from the GIVI range. These include: the E95S backrest for the comfort of the passenger; the T502B internal bag, to transport luggage in a more comfortable manner; the S150 universal luggage carrier; the T11N elastic net; and the E206 folding trolley. All of these increase the functionality, comfort and possibilities of this new top case.

Givi Has Quality For All BudgetsThe GIVI V45 Arena top case is also available in the Tech version, with smoked reflectors. Both are available at a price of £220.00.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcyclevisit or call 01327 706220.

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