Always keep your batteries charged with GIVI

Always keep your batteries charged with GIVIThe Italian accessories brand offers up a compact battery charger for all motorcyclists that’s perfect to take on any journey.

GIVI can get you out of a hairy moment with ease. Its range of accessories, which makes your motorbike adventures easier and more comfortable, is now completed with the S510 D-CHARGE. This product, which joins others such as the puncture repair kit or first aid kit, is the perfect ally for keeping batteries in optimum condition, whether they’re lithium or lead-acid, and is also compatible with a wide range of 12V batteries. As well as its versatility and compact size, it boasts of another interesting quality: its minimal energy consumption, which increases the battery’s efficiency.

If there’s one thing that many of us motorcyclists have in common, it’s how we take care of our bikes, always making sure they’re in the best condition, whether it’s their internal parts or bodywork. That’s why we thoroughly check the oil, tyres and battery, among other things, days before a trip so that everything is in working order. At this time, an indispensable item to carry out the necessary checks is a battery charger which helps to check the state of the bike’s battery or to recharge it if it’s out of charge. With the intention of supplying all the needs that two-wheel loves may have, GIVI, which has been at the forefront of the motorbike accessory industry since its inception in 1978, has designed the ideal product to keep your motorbike at peak performance at all times: the S510 D-CHARGE, a compact battery charger designed for efficiency and safety which adds to GIVI’s extensive family of products, which are designed to make our lives easier.

Always Keep Your Batteries Charged With GiviThe S510 D-CHARGE is the result of a combination of GIVI‘s hard work to meet the needs of motorcyclists and technological excellence. Manufactured entirely in Italy and with a 3-year warranty, this battery charger represents the highest quality and reliability. Its automatic charging algorithm ensures optimal battery maintenance at all times. This allows you to increase battery life by up to 4 times, thanks to its ultra-efficient design with minimal power consumption.

This charger is compatible with all conventional 12V battery types, whether lead-acid, MF, GEL and AGM, as well as the latest lithium-ion or LiFePO4 batteries. What’s more, it’s equipped with two different programmes for use depending on the battery type, ensuring perfect charging at all times, making it a versatile solution for any motorbike’s charging needs.Always Keep Your Batteries Charged With Givi

And it doesn’t end there; its integrated safety system protects against reverse polarity, short circuits, overcharging and overheating, offering a worry-free charging experience. Plus, its integrated temperature sensor allows for safe charging even in extreme conditions, making it a must-have accessory to always carry on the bike or keep in the garage. It can be purchased for £78.00.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit or call 01327 706220.

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