Get the most out of your sportbike with GIVI

Get the most out of your sportbike with GIVIThe transalpine motorbike and rider equipment company shows exactly how you can add more load capacity to your sport or naked bike without compromising on aesthetics.

Sometimes when you think of motorbike accessories there is a conception that they are large aluminium panniers that take away from the natural aesthetics of the bike. This can seem like a drawback for all sport bike owners who need to add some cargo capacity to their machine. But for 45 years, GIVI has been making motorbike gear fit all types of bikes. It’s done this by designing different product ranges to suit every type of bike. In this case, GIVI has created a set of bags for those who appreciate speed and dynamism, which contribute to comfortable sport riding thanks to their compact and aerodynamic design and high load capacity.

GIVI works to offer greater comfort and practicality to the rider both on long and everyday journeys, without neglecting the aesthetics of the bike. An example of this is the Sport-T range, designed for all sport bike owners who want to add cargo capacity without sacrificing the style of their machine.

The bags in the Sport-T range are made to withstand sports riding. For this reason, they are thermoformed and made of high-quality materials that comply with Reach regulations, such as 1200D polyester, high strength PVC, PU and thermoformed EVA coated with anti-scratch PU, ensuring durability and protection of your belongings.

Get The Most Out Of Your Sportbike With Givi


To gain load capacity in an easy and comfortable way on a sport bike we can look to a tank bag. The Sport-T rangeincludes the ST611+ with 6-litre capacity and Tanklock attachment system, which allows you to easily attach and remove it from the bike. It also features a rain cover, a window with a smartphone pocket, a carrying handle and reflective print for increased visibility.

Get The Most Out Of Your Sportbike With GiviOne of the accessories that fits best into the sport bike lines are saddle bags. GIVI offers the ST610B, with a compact and sporty design that fits the silhouette of the motorbike perfectly. It is equipped with the Seatlock system, which, like the previous one, allows you to put it on and take it off easily and comfortably. It has a waterproof cover, an ergonomic handle, an adjustable shoulder strap and reflective elements for greater visibility.

Get The Most Out Of Your Sportbike With Givi


When it comes to taking longer journeys on a sport bike, the GIVI ST609 expandable side bags ensures the highest load capacity, with a capacity of 25 litres each. Their aerodynamic design, together with thermoformed material construction make them ideal for carrying your belongings safely. Their rigid yet lightweight construction and Easylock fastening system allows for quick attachment and detachment from the bike, while the water-resistant heat-sealed liner keeps it waterproof. It also includes internal elastics for load stability, a secondary compartment in the inner lid, a handle for manual carrying and an internal mesh pocket. These expandable side bags are the perfect choice for the sport bike enthusiast looking for functionality and style on the road.

Get The Most Out Of Your Sportbike With GiviA good companion for everyday use or for carrying a small amount of luggage in a sports car is the ST606 backpack, with a 22-litre capacity and a thermoformed lid. This backpack combines a sleek design with great stability even at high speeds. Features include two side pockets, one of which can hold a 1-litre bottle, side zips with reflective covers, a breathable padded backrest, a side strap for carrying a helmet, and chest and waist straps for extra stability.

Get The Most Out Of Your Sportbike With Givi


Finally, there are the leg bags, one of the most used accessories by bikers, as they are both versatile and functional. Within the Sport-T range there is the ST608+, with a capacity of 3 litres. This bag is attached by means of an adjustable and removable waist strap, with the option of attaching it directly to the trousers, along with other straps on the leg that are elastic and adjustable, with a closure that prevents the bag from turning during the ride. It also includes three internal pockets, one mesh pocket, one zipped pocket and one specific pocket for your smartphone.

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