Givi Explorer, The Perfect Place To Enjoy Motorbike AdventuresThe transalpine company’s project offers tips, first-person experiences, advice, routes and everything you need to share your passion for two wheels through its updated website

GIVI, the transalpine motorbike and motorcyclist equipment company, has been making life easier for two-wheeled users for 45 years, accompanying and inspiring them at all times. They do this not only through their accessories but also other actions, such as GIVI Explorer, a specific project for the most adventurous riders. This initiative, which was born 10 years ago from the “Explore. Enjoy” philosophy with the intention of paying tribute to everything that makes a motorbike trip so special, is being renewed in 2023 with a redesign of its website.Givi Explorer, The Perfect Place To Enjoy Motorbike Adventures

GIVI Explorer was born out of the “Explore. Enjoy” philosophy, with which the transalpine firm wants to inspire all bikers to travel, explore, cross evocative landscapes and share its passion for motorbikes. All this went into the first GIVI Tour that took place in 2013 in Patagonia. Since then, the brand has worked hard to offer the best motorbike experiences and showcase them on its website. To celebrate their tenth anniversary in style this year, they have taken a trip through the incredible Dolomites with a stop at the legendary Stelvio Pass, the iconic mountain pass recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as completely overhauling their website.

Givi Explorer, The Perfect Place To Enjoy Motorbike AdventuresGet to know other riders’ experiences
The GIVI Explorer website has a section that narrates and highlights the experiences lived by other two-wheel users. What’s more, each of them includes a map with all the places they visited, the equipment they were carrying and a multitude of photos, so that others can enjoy the same experience.

In addition to all of this, there is a section within the platform called Are you an explorer?” Through that, all users can share their experiences riding motorbikes to be part of the trips that appear on the website. GIVI Explorer also offers the opportunity to send projects that motorcyclists have in mind so the transalpine firm can help make them a reality.

Givi Explorer, The Perfect Place To Enjoy Motorbike AdventuresTop travel tips
Another great advantage of the GIVI Explorer is its extensive tips section for all types of locations and trips on two wheels. This section is divided into three main groups. The first includes tips on how to deal with different situations that may arise on the road, from having to lift the bike, to crossing a river, to riding on dirt roads. The second features recommendations on what equipment to take on the motorbike depending on the place you are going to visit. And the third is advice for each destination, ranging from what documents to carry, what vaccinations to have, whether you need specific health insurance, information on the safety of the countryyou are visiting, fuel tips, the best dates to travel and even options for renting motorbikes at your destination.

Choose your route
When travelling to a foreign country that you don’t know so well, it can be difficult to choose the right route. With that in mind, GIVIhas designed a section with different itineraries created around the world that can be downloaded to facilitate the adventure for all bikers. These guides are accompanied by comments from other travellers who have done them, along with the equipment they have used, as well as photos and videos.

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