An Ace Day

Celebrating the history and heritage of the Ace 25 years after it had closed in 1969, the first Ace Cafe Reunion was held at the legendary North London premises in 1994.

The event reinforced the cultural importance of the Ace Cafe. Many motorcyclists and rock n` roll heroes cut their teeth at the Ace, going on to win on the racetrack, start bands or open clubs.

For a great ride through the first Ace Cafe Reunion check out the film “An Ace Day”, a record of the 1994 Ace Cafe Reunion, when 12,000 people and 7,000 bikes gathered to participate in this memorable occasion. It has been widely acclaimed and includes interviews with the original patrons and subsequent generations of motorcyclists. Set to a rock n` roll soundtrack…`s a piece of history.

Thirty years on, can you show us more of the ACR in 1994?


The 30th annual Ace Cafe Reunion is on weekend of 6/8 September 2024, see links:

2024 is also the 86th Anniversary of the cafe having originally opened in 1938, the 27th anniversary of “Ace Corner” opening on Sundays in 1997 for a “View & Brew”, and the 23rd anniversary of the cafe having fully re-opened in 2001.

See you at The Ace

Listen, revel and be immersed in a mix of the best rock and roll and rockabilly, blended with the London sub-culture sounds, broadcasting 24/7 on online radio and social media.An Ace Day

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