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Yamaha Launches Ambassador Led ‘free Spirits’ Project For The Yamaha Xsr125Yamaha Motor Europe celebrates the versatility and character of the Yamaha XSR125 with the ‘Free Spirits’ concept.

Where traditionally the bikes themselves and the custom builders have been the stars, the ‘Free Spirits’ campaign shifts the focus onto a diverse range of inspirational ambassadors collaborating on the project. The XSR125 of course plays a key role, taking on subtle modifications to blend into the ambassador’s lifestyle, adding true value to everyday activities.

The versatile XSR125
It’s a perfect fit, as the XSR125 has been built to a high standard specification that includes Yamaha’s top-of-the-line engine as well as an agile handling frame. Featuring state-of-the-art technology seamlessly intertwined with timeless heritage style, this lightweight is the youngest member of the Faster Sons family. And like many younger siblings, this bike will make its mark and is ready to impress. Especially on the aesthetic side, its heritage appearance provides an excellent base for modification.

Free Spirited Builts
Driving the project over the winter and into 2022 are several national Yamaha distributors, working closely together with their local ambassadors. The ambassadors themselves lead the design and changes to their XSR125 custom builds, visualising their unique requirements to create a new breed of Yard Built with a real-world practical value to enhance their daily lives.

Participating Yamaha distributors include Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Portugal, all working with a wide variety of ambassadors that include musicians, wakeboarders, surfers and artists. The concept will see the XSR125 customised primarily using official Yamaha accessories as a showcase to demonstrate the ease with which the XSR can be personalised to the individual, adding value to their life.

Yamaha Launches Ambassador Led ‘free Spirits’ Project For The Yamaha Xsr125Nikolas Plytas – Water Sport Superstar
The first ‘Free Spirits’ XSR125 machine to be unveiled to kick-off the project has been created by Yamaha Motor Greece in collaboration with global water sport superstar Nikolas Plytas. The top 5 Water-ski World Games competitor enjoys a motivated international social media audience with over two million followers on Tik Tok alone keeping up with his adventures on the water.

As an Athens resident who also spends much of his time on the beach, Mediterranean Water-ski champion Nikolas had a clear brief for his custom XSR125. Leading the design and modification process, Nikolas was clear that his XSR125 needed to be agile and quick to cut through the city traffic whilst also being able to carry all the gear he needs to support his life on the water.

Built for the beach
Working with local builders Motodiktio, Yamaha Motor Greece got to work enhancing the XSR125 to meet the vision of Nikolas. To give him confidence on the beach the front fender was lifted higher in a scrambler style, with larger off-road tyres added for grip in the sand. Unique fixings were added to hold both Nikolas’ surfboard and wakeboard as well as a small winch at the rear of the motorcycle. The detachable winch can be anchored to a secure point on the beach, allowing the Greek athlete to be pulled on his wakeboard across the water, giving him the freedom to ride almost anywhere. LED flash indicators have been added front and rear and Genuine Yamaha accessories add a personal feel, including a light protector and license plate holder.

To complete the build, Nikolas found inspiration in the vintage Dakar XT500s, creating a heritage influenced XSR125 sticker on the tank in the original XT500 style. Finally, Nikolas chose an iconic 80’s Yamaha blue in true Faster Sons style to paint the tank and set the tone for his ‘Free Spirits’ Yard Built XSR125.

Nikolas is now ready to tackle his home city of Athens and his beloved beaches on his unique XSR125 ‘Free Spirit’ custom, showcasing its flexibility to support an active lifestyle!

Stay tuned for more ambassador influenced XSR125 ‘Free Spirits’ builds coming over the next months. Can’t wait to make your XSR125 truly your own? Try the online configurator to build your dream bike.

MyGarage app
Yamaha’s MyGarage app is the quick and easy way for customers to build a virtual XSR125 with a range of Genuine Accessories while sitting at home with their smart phone or laptop. The free App allows users to add and remove accessories to create their ideal XSR, and the finished result can be viewed in 3D from every angle.

MyGarage takes the guesswork out of choosing which accessories to fit, and to make things even easier the customer’s final selection can be emailed to their chosen Yamaha dealer who will fit the selected Genuine Accessories to the new XSR125.

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Yamaha Launches Ambassador Led ‘free Spirits’ Project For The Yamaha Xsr125