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New Oxford Products Chain Locks in stock now

New Oxford Products Chain Locks In Stock Now

Boss Alarm Chain Lock
As well as being an extremely secure lock, it has a built-in alarm which is triggered by movement sensors; it can also be locked without setting the alarm. When combined with a 12mm hardened steel chain the Boss Alarm Chain Lock will put off any would-be bike thief.

• Reliability is assured by 5-year life-cycle testing (by Thatcham Research)
• Attack tested and are resistant to sledgehammer, saw, bolt cropper and drill attack
• Anti-jack shackle design withstands 4.5 tonnes of tensile load
• The removable sealed unit alarm module is vibration-resistant and weather-proof against water, frost and heat
• Very loud 100db alarm
• Batteries included (6 x LR44)

• 12mm hardened steel square links
• Cro-Mo alloy steel reinforced titanium alloy
• Protective sleeve to keep paintwork safe from scratches
• Can be easily stowed under the seat
• Available in three lengths: 1.2m, 1.5m & 2.0m

LK480 £169.99
LK481 £179.99
LK482 £189.99

New Oxford Products Chain Locks In Stock Now

Nemesis Chain Lock
The Nemesis is an ultra-strong high security chain lock with reassuringly huge 16mm hardened steel shackle.

• High security, independently approved with 16mm hardened steel
shackle prevents bolt cropping
• Anti-pick and anti-drill lock cylinder
• Shock resistant rubber over-moulded lock body
• 3 (replaceable) keys provided, with a dust cover to protect
the lock barrel from dirt ingress

• Reassuringly huge 16mm hardened steel shackle and links
• Cloth sleeve protects paintwork
• Zinc coated to prevent corrosion
• Five-minute attack tested against drills, sledgehammers,
bolt croppers and saws
• Available in three lengths: 1.2m, 1.5m & 2.0m

LK472 £189.99
LK473 £199.99
LK474 £209.99
New Oxford Products Chain Locks In Stock Now

Patriot Chain Lock
The Patriot chain lock comes equipped with an ultra strong, 12mm square link chain made from Ni-Cro-Mo alloy steel. The chain has a protective cloth sleeve to help prevent damage and make it easier to handle.

• The Oxford Patriot chain lock is resistant to attack by sledgehammer,
saw, bolt cropper, drill and freeze tested.
• 14mm rotating locking pin to prevent attack
• 4 way locking system

• 12mm square link chain made from Ni-Cro-Mo alloy steel
• Sleeve to protect paintwork
• Long links reduce weight and increase portability
• Zinc coated to prevent corrosion
• Can be used with all Oxford Ground Anchors
• 1.2m, 1.5m & 2.0m lengths available

LK745 £129.99
LK746 £139.99
LK747 £149.99

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