New NEXX Streetfighter Style Helmet

New NEXX Streetfighter Style HelmetNEXX X.WST3 helmet blends streetfighter style with cutting edge tech and protection

New to the NEXX range, the X.WST3 streetfighter style helmet has one of the most distinctive looks on the market, alongside cutting edge tech for day-long comfort, practicality and protection.

Designed and made in Europe, the X.WST3 comes with a choice of two lightweight shells – the X-PRO 3K Carbon Fibre and a Multi-Composite Fibre option, made with NEXX’s own X-MATRIX2 material. Both versions are ECE22.06 certified, and come in three outer shell sizes for the closest fit across each size range.

New Nexx Streetfighter Style Helmet

NEXX X.WST3 Fluence

Anti-Vibration EPS
Comfort is key, so the X.WST3 features the NEXX Anti-Vibration EPS system. An ingenious solution to a common problem, a flexible rubber layer sandwiched between the inner and outer EPS absorbs the intrusive vibrations and buzzing caused by air turbulence at higher speeds.

In addition, both the 3X Carbon and X-MATRIX2 shells feature aerodynamic shaping, plus a drag-reducing rear spoiler, to keep the head stable and reduce pressure on the neck.

New Nexx Streetfighter Style Helmet

NEXX X.WST3 Carbon Zero Pro

Recoil Visor System
Unwanted wind noise and annoying trickles of water down the inside of the visor are prevented by the unique Recoil Visor System. Spring-loaded side plates automatically pull the visor back against the dual-lip window beading when it’s closed, forming an airtight and rainproof seal.

The X.WST3 also comes ready to accept a Pinlock Anti-Fog system, which all models are supplied with as standard: a Pinlock 120 XLT Max Vision with the X-PRO Carbon, and a Pinlock 70 for both X-MATRIX2 models.

New Nexx Streetfighter Style Helmet

NEXX X.WST3 Plain White

X.MART Dry Interior
Adjustable ventilation ports front and back, and a fresh air chamber between the EPS liner and the padding, provide a cooling flow of air when the temperature rises.

The interior is made from soft-touch X.MART Dry fabric, which keeps the wearer cool and dry. Synthetic leather and intricate stitch detailing give it a luxurious feel and look good too.

New Nexx Streetfighter Style Helmet

NEXX X.WST3 Plain White

NEXX’s patent-pending Fast Release System enables first responders to remove the cheek pads without disturbing the head and neck. The system also makes for super-easy cleaning of the lining; just lift the rubber trim arms, slide back the red buttons, and the cheek pads release.

X-COM3 Connectivity
For those who like to stay connected, the X.WST3 comes ready to accept X-COM3 Bluetooth 5.0 comms.

Both the X-COM3 standard and X-COM3 Pro – with 2.0 Mesh Technology, and sound by Harman Kardon – will fit straight in. There’s also a removable side mount, for easy attachment of an action-camera.

X.WST3 X-MATRIX2 models retail at £329.99 in Plain mono colour options and £349.99 in four eye-catching Fluence graphic styles. The 3X Carbon Zero Pro comes in a solid carbon finish and sells for £429.99.

All three are available in sizes XXS-3XL. Zero Pro and Fluence models come with an additional tinted visor and visor bag.

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