Keis Sock-it To Cold FeetNew for winter 2021/2022, Keis S302 Heated Socks keep toes toasty warm and can be worn on the bike or off it, the ultimate in winter luxury!

Feet are among the first bits of the body to feel the cold, because blood flow to the extremities is restricted when temperatures drop. Add in the wind chill factor on a moving motorcycle and you’ll need more than a thick pair of wooly socks to remedy the situation.

Made from a thin, lightweight and breathable soft-shell material, Keis Heated Socks are designed to be worn over a pair of normal socks, inside your regular riding footwear.

Each pair features Micro Alloy Element Technology, for instant warmth when it’s needed – relief on even the most miserable winter rides. Current draw is a modest 0.6Amps, which won’t tax the charging system on modern motorcycles.

They can be powered directly from the 12-Volt motorcycle battery, with the power lead supplied. Alternatively Y-leads – also in the box – enable the user to run power from a Keis Heated Jacket or Vest down each leg to the  Heated Socks.

Keis Sock-it To Cold Feet

An optional Light Duty Power Controller (not supplied) can be connected to the power lead for the S302 Heated Socks, enabling the user to change the heat setting from high to medium or low, and to switch on and off.

Keis S302 Heated Socks are available in UK shoe sizes 4-10+ (EU 37-44+) and are priced at £85 per pair including vat.

They are fully machine washable for season-long freshness and the heating elements enjoy a Lifetime Warranty, for complete peace of mind.

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