Vanucci uses Michelin tyre tech in new VUB-1 motorcycle trainers

Vanucci uses Michelin tyre tech in new VUB-1 motorcycle trainersThe new VUB-1 motorcycle trainers from Louis Moto exclusive brand Vanucci offer the style and comfort of an everyday trainer, while also being suitable for motorcycle riding, uniquely featuring dual-component Michelin tread on the reinforced sole and offering CE certified protection.

Developing innovative products for motorcyclists across Europe and beyond is at the heart of the Vanucci brand, and after an intensive development period, the new VUB-1 motorcycle trainers are the latest creation from the German marque.

For the first time, Vanucci has harnessed tyre technology from world leading tyre manufacturer, Michelin, to create a dual component sole featuring Michelin tread enabling optimum grip for riders both on and off the bike, as well as a polyurethane midsole with perfectly matched cushioning properties for long-lasting comfort.

CE certified armour is delivered throughout the VUB-1 trainers, featuring thermoplastic heel protection with reinforcement made from 1.2 mm thick cowhide, and reinforced padding at the ankle, as well as a strengthened transverse sole to keep riders’ feet secure during the event of an accident. The polyester, nylon spandex and thermoplastic material construction is also abrasion and tear resistant.

The Vanucci VUB-1 motorcycle trainers range in adult sizes 7.5-11 and are available to buy now exclusively at Louis Moto, priced at £152*. Colour options include black and white; black, grey, and red; black, blue and orange; and black, grey, and turquoise.

For UK motorcyclists shopping online with Louis Moto and its exclusive brands, VAT and refunds on any applicable customs charges on orders made from the UK will be covered. This means riders can enjoy shopping online without any surprise costs along the way. Free delivery to Great Britain is also available on orders over £199.00.

*All prices correct as of the date of  this release.Vanucci Uses Michelin Tyre Tech In New Vub-1 Motorcycle Trainers

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