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Vulcanet: The Waterless Cleaning Wipe That Does It AllFed up with dragging the pressure washer out the garage or carrying heavy buckets of water from the sink? Look no further than Vulcanet, the all-in-one wipe that cleans, rejuvenates, polishes and protects all vehicles.

Vulcanet can be used anywhere, at home or on the go as everything you need will be found inside the black and red tube. The pre-cut cleaning wipes are in the centre of the canister and the microfibre finishing cloth is housed in the lid.

How it works
Coming pre-soaked in the cleaning solution, the waterless wipes work to liquify the dirt on any surface. Vulcanet’s textile weave has a spiral shape with the bevelled edges to the wipe creating thousands of micro-like blades to remove stubborn dirt particles. There are three different sized holes capture the dirt. Once collected by the wipe, the dirt will thicken, become trapped in the cilia and coat itself in lubricating resin so that it doesn’t scratch the surface that is being cleaned.

To waterlessly clean simply, take out the wipe, fold it in half and apply by sliding your hand over the small area you are cleaning – there will be a total of four useable sides. Avoid applying pressure to the surface until it becomes slippery.

Once the surface is completely clean of debris and smooth to the touch, the Vulcanet solution can be sealed with the provided M420 Microfibre cloth. The construction of the microfibre cloth works with the cleaning solution to harden the liquid, protecting the cleaned surface. On one side, there is the long pile which is ideal for rougher surfaces like plastics and the short pile side is for smooth surfaces such as the paintwork. The M420 Microfibre is machine washable at 40°c without fabric conditioner.

After cleaning and finishing is complete, place the microfibre cloth back in the cover and clip in the red cover on top – the red cover is important to help seal the tube when closing. Ensure the aluminium cover is removed fully and then simply twist the lid back on until you hear a click, then back a quarter of a turn to fully seal.

Vulcanet has saved 750-million liters of water in 2022 alone, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 19,000 people. By the end of 2023, Vulcanet are on track to save 1-billion litres of water.

Vulcanet Cleaning Wipes have an RRP of £36.99 and to locate your nearest dealer, visit www.nevis.uk.com or call 01425 478936.Vulcanet: The Waterless Cleaning Wipe That Does It All