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Vintage Yamaha Colors For The 2020 Xsr900 And Xsr700Yamaha’s neo-retro Sport Heritage models draw their inspiration from some of the brand’s most iconic models that have helped to change the face of motorcycling over the last seven decades.

Mixing state-of-the-art technology with timeless designs, Yamaha’s Faster Sons philosophy is the driving force that has led to the creation of a range of exciting and charismatic models that capture the true essence of motorcycling.

These ultra-cool machines pay tribute to the past with their beautifully-crafted components, and bring joy to many riders by offering a very special riding experience together with an immense pride of ownership.

New colours for the Sport Heritage models
For 2020 the XSR900 will be available in a bold and exciting new 80 Black colour featuring an evocative black, red and gold colour scheme on the fuel tank covers and also on the exclusive colour coordinated side covers. This timeless design is inspired by Yamaha’s signature look from the 1980s, and it pays tribute to Yamaha’s iconic Special Edition RZ250 – the first generation of the company’s legendary liquid-cooled 2-stroke models that dominated the streets.

For 2020 both the XSR700 and XSR900 will be available in a new Racing Red colour. Featuring red, white and black fuel tank covers with a solid red front fender and gold wheels, these beautiful Sport Heritage models celebrate Yamaha’s winning factory road race machines from a previous era.Vintage Yamaha Colors For The 2020 Xsr900 And Xsr700

2020 Yamaha Sport Heritage Model Overview

XSR900 Key Features
•    Retro cool styling
•    Vintage-inspired headlight and taillight
•    3-cylinder 850cc crossplane engine with strong linear torque
•    Lightweight aluminium frame
•    TCS, A&S clutch, D-MODE
XSR900 colours
•    80 Black (new)
•    Racing Red (new)
•    Garage Metal

XSR700 XTribute Key Features
•    Iconic XT-inspired colours and graphics
•    Special XT-style flat seat and fork gaiters
•    Off-road handlebars and chunky footrests
•    Pirelli MT60RS tyres for smooth on and off-road riding
•    Compact and lightweight chassis
XSR700 XTribute colour
•    Tech Black

XSR700 Key Features
•    Neo-retro design pays homage to Yamaha’s rich history
•    Compact and lightweight chassis
•    Agile handling performance
•    Torque-rich 2-cylinder 689cc crossplane engine
•     Vintage-inspired headlight and taillight
•    Two-texture leather vintage-style seat
XSR700 colours
•    Racing Red (new)
•    Tech Black

SCR950 Key Features
•    Rugged looks
•    Natural riding position
•    950cc 60-degree V-twin engine
•    Crafted steel mudguards and spoked aluminium wheels
•    Flat seat with forward riding position
•    Heavy-duty block-pattern Bridgestone tyres
SCR950 colours
•    Vivid Red
•    Yamaha Black

XV950R Key Features
•    Bobber style with a neo-retro Japanese look
•    950cc 60-degree V-twin engine
•    Piggy-back shock absorbers
•    12-spoke cast wheels with ABS
•    Low seat height
•    Strong low to mid-range torque
XV950R colour
•    Tech Graphite

Vintage Yamaha Colors For The 2020 Xsr900 And Xsr700Yard Built
Every rider has their own idea of how the perfect bike could look. Some just dream about it, while others take it further and turn their ideas into reality. Yamaha’s Yard Built project enables the world’s most talented custom specialists to transform some of the company’s adaptable Sport Heritage models into a Yard Built Special.

During the past few years the Yard Built project has unleashed the imagination of the biking world’s most creative and visionary minds – and the results have been absolutely stunning. The real beauty of these Yard Built specials is that they not only showcase the remarkable engineering and artistic skills of today’s custom builders – but they also show what can be done with a stock Yamaha, and inspire every rider to make their Yamaha their own.   https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/yardbuilt/

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel
Yamaha has developed a wide range of Genuine Accessories for the Sport Heritage models, including performance, comfort and stylistic parts that enable every owner to create their very own unique XSR, SCR or XV. Customers can purchase each part individually, or they can save time and money by opting for one of Yamaha’s specially created Accessory Packs that are designed to suit differing requirements.

The Faster Sons apparel collection takes inspiration from Yamaha’s iconic past with a range of clothing designs featuring a cool retro look. With the perfect blend of vintage influence combined with modern materials and washed-out looks, the Faster Sons line looks and feels good whether you’re on your bike or relaxing with friends. The Genuine Accessory and apparel range is constantly evolving, and full information can be seen at www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk

Vintage Yamaha Colors For The 2020 Xsr900 And Xsr700MyGarage app
MyGarage is the quick and easy way to create a personalized Yamaha, enabling customers to experiment with and compare different combinations of Genuine Accessories and see which components work best for them. Using the MyGarage app anyone can instantly create their dream Sport Heritage bike and view it in from any angle in high definition. This app takes the guesswork out of choosing the right parts, and the final list can be emailed to a Yamaha dealer who will supply and fit the selected Genuine Accessories.

The MyRide app enables Yamaha riders to track every ride and record a variety of data including lean angle, acceleration, top speed, elevation changes and distance covered. Images can be added to the trip data and shared on social media, and information can be saved and stored under the customer’s own account. It’s the best way to add another dimension to every ride and allows riders to rediscover their favourite journeys.