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Thumbs-up For Keis 3-finger Heated GlovesThe ultimate in winter luxury, KEiS G301 Three-Finger Heated Motorcycle Gloves are perfect for riders who really feel the winter chill in their fingers and hands.

Designed for maximum warmth, the G301’s three-finger design reduces airflow over the surface of the fingers, to keep the heat in and cold out. Inside, each finger has an individual ‘pocket’, for added comfort and warmth and a luxurious feel.

Like all KEiS heated gloves, they feature the latest technology in heat generation: Micro Carbon Fibre panels across the back of the hands and over the top of the fingers – the areas most susceptible to wind chill – for instant, fully-controllable warmth when it’s needed.

They can be powered from the bike’s 12V battery (using cables supplied) or using an optional  battery. KEiS offer a choice between a Battery Pack that can power both gloves or specially designed Glove Batteries, which fit into the cuff pocket on each glove. Current Draw is just 1.6A (for a pair of gloves) so it will not put undue strain on the motorcycle charging system or drain a battery pack too quickly.

On the back of each glove is an independent integral heat controller, positioned on the top of the wrist for easy operation when riding.Thumbs-up For Keis 3-finger Heated Gloves

A thicker layer of 3M Thinsulate™ offers improved warmth distribution throughout the glove, without compromising dexterity and feel of the controls, while a hydrophobic outer shell and Hipora™ waterproof and breathable membrane offer 100% waterproofing, and help reduce windchill further still. The G301 are also  fully certified to the CE standard for motorcycle gloves (EU PPE Regulation 13594:2015).

On the left index finger there is a visor wipe – something often not included on winter gloves – that makes a significant difference on wet days.

KEiS G301 Three-Finger Heated Gloves are available in a huge range of sizes – 3XS-3XL – and are priced at £200 including VAT. The heating elements are covered by a lifetime warranty

Each pair comes with a Glove Y-Lead, Motorcycle Connection Lead and full operating Instructions, and feature the ‘Male Power Plug’ to connect to your chosen power source.

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Thumbs-up For Keis 3-finger Heated Gloves