Spada - Airforce 1Designed not just for protection, but to express your unique style on the road.

The Airforce 1 jacket effortlessly combines the classic look of traditional US Air Force jackets with modern features. It comes in 6 distinct colors, giving you the freedom to match it with your personal style.

CE Protection
The Airforce 1 comes equipped with CE approved 4-piece level 1 armour, designed to protect your shoulders and elbows.

Bomber Jacket Styling
The Airforce 1 showcases a timeless bomber jacket design, accompanied by a quilted liner that provides insulation, and a soft feel collar. Your gear should echo your character. Pick from a spectrum of 6 distinct colors to correspond with your individual style.

Waterproof Membrane
Featuring a waterproof and breathable membrane, the jacket guarantees assurance in all conditions, whether you’re on or off the bike.

Tailored for Your Fit
We recognize the significance of a comfortable fit; hence, the Airforce 1 comes in sizes ranging from small to 4XL, ensuring that every rider discovers their ideal fit.

Visit their website or drop by your local Spada dealer to explore the Airforce 1 jacket for yourself.