Quad Lock Unveils Two New Motorcycle MountsIntroducing the Brake Reservoir Mount and Brake/Clutch Mount.

Quad Lock has expanded its motorcycle range with two new motorcycle mounts: the Brake Reservoir Mount and the Brake/Clutch Mount.

Quad Lock’s new motorcycle mounts are a great option for riders with limited space on their handlebars, fork stems, or mirrors. These mounts are compatible with a wider range of motorcycles, including maxi scooters, and provide a secure and convenient way to mount your phone.

Quad Lock Unveils Two New Motorcycle MountsThe Brake Reservoir Mount securely attaches to rectangular brake fluid reservoirs with a multi-pivot arm adjustment that allows you to find the perfect viewing angle. Whilst, the Brake/Clutch Mount attaches to the brake or clutch perch on motorcycles, giving users the flexibility to mount on either the left or right side of the handlebars, making it perfect for riders of all preferences.

The Brake Reservoir Mount and the Brake/Clutch Mount are made from the toughest materials and feature Quad Lock’s well-renowned patented dual-stage locking mechanism, ensuring security even during the roughest rides and terrains. They are also compatible with all Quad Lock cases, Universal Adaptors and accessories such as the Vibration Dampener, Weatherproof Charging Head, and Motorcycle USB Charger.Quad Lock Unveils Two New Motorcycle Mounts

Statement from Martin Loscher, Senior Product Design Engineer of Quad Lock:
“The mount solutions are specific for maxi scooters, scooters and motorbikes unable to accommodate a handlebar or fork stem option and provide an alternative mount solution to the mirror mount. The mounts are suitable for riders who prefer an offset phone position without obstruction to gauges and displays. Intensive vibration and impact testing ensures the mounts exceed the toughest conditions riders can throw at them.”

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