Ruroc Announce Cosmic Collection For Flagship EOX

Ruroc Announce Cosmic Collection For Flagship EOXFresh from launching their most advanced and safest helmet ever earlier this year, the all-new EOX, Ruroc is pleased to announce the second drop for the brand’s flagship helmet, the Cosmic collection.

Available in three exceptionally vivid colour-ways, the new Cosmic collection highlights the radical shifts in light that beam through our solar system;  Aurora, Nebula and Supernova, while offering the very best levels of protection and technology that Ruroc riders have come to expect.Ruroc Announce Cosmic Collection For Flagship Eox


A naturally occurring phenomenon crafted into the premium layer of protection that is EOX, Aurora is charged with cosmic greens and blues, with its carbon shell looking raw but rich in a wavelength of colour usually invisible to the naked eye.

Ruroc Announce Cosmic Collection For Flagship EoxNebula

Luminous in the night and vivid in the light, Nebula is composed of distinct blues and purples that dilate the onlookers imagination with its exclusive creation of carbon and colour. All enhanced by the unique design that the carbon shell of the EOX offers.

Ruroc Announce Cosmic Collection For Flagship EoxSupernova

An explosion of red and orange, Supernova is a fusion of style, science and safety; the three core values that are embedded into the very fabric of Ruroc, bringing a unique colour-way that offers glints of colour and light.

Ruroc’s Head of Brand, Hollie Weatherstone commented, “The Cosmic Collection is a testament to our commitment to innovation and style. Each colourway captures the dynamic beauty of our solar system, and when paired with the cutting-edge design of the EOX, it creates something that’s truly stellar. We are thrilled to bring this vibrant collection to our community and can’t wait to see these helmets orbiting the streets.”

The Ruroc EOX Cosmic collection launches on July 3rd at 17.00 with a recommended retail price of $639| £539 | 679€.

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