Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And PantsRST lightweight waterproof Jacket
People living in countries like us in the UK have to make extra preparations for unexpected weather when going for a motorbike rides. The weather can get unsettled at any time and  only a rider knows what it is like to ride in wet or rainy weather. A good lightweight waterproof jacket becomes handy in such a situation which you can pop over your leather jacket. Here we will be taking a look at one, which is RST lightweight waterproof jacket.Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And Pants

RST’s waterproof jacket is one of the most economical and lightweight solutions to all of your damp weather woes. The jacket is enclosed by a full-length zipper that starts from the neck and extends all the way to the bottom with further velcro to seal it. It contributes to easier access in and out of the jacket and a waterproof strap covers it from top to the bottom, thus eliminating any chances of water getting in through this weak point. Moreover, both the cuffs and the bottom are elasticated which should stop rain getting in.Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And Pants

All the RST logos on the jacket use a reflective material that should make the rider more visible. Such reflective detailing work is especially helpful in bad weather conditions where the rain or the fog hampers the visibility of car drivers or other riders closing in at a relatively higher speed. RST’s lightweight waterproof jacket is available in a variety of sizes which means that you won’t have any difficulty sorting out a jacket that perfectly fits you no matter what your physique is. The extremely lightweight of the jacket makes it easier to carry around wherever you are going and the versatility it offers allows it to be used not only while riding a motorbike, but also during hiking, walking the dog or day-to-day usage.Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And Pants

However, one important thing to mention here is that this waterproof jacket is not compatible with a jacket that has race humps on it. Otherwise, it is a perfect solution for your waterproofing needs when going on a motorbike ride, hiking, or routine usage.

Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And PantsRST Lightweight waterproof pant
To match the RST waterproof jacket we look at the trousers (or pants if your outside the UK :-)) The matching trousers are also an essential item for a wide variety of people especially for people living under rainy and damp weather conditions in countries the U.K. Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And Pants

Although both upper and lower body parts get soaked in rainwater, it is the trousers that have to bear most of the brunt. This is because water splats from the front wheel of a bike or passing vehicle get directly onto the trousers. Therefore, waterproof pants have become more of a necessity. RST’s lightweight waterproof pants are an extremely effective solution These trousers are extremely lightweight and can therefore be folded and carried around in a backpack. Just like any other RST product, these trousers are also highly affordable and at the same time offer maximum protection from water.Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And Pants

RST’s lightweight waterproof trousers are meant to be worn over any kind of trouser whether it be protective or a regular ones. The elasticated waist and bottom tightly seal the inner garments from water and also provide peace of mind to the rider. Passive protection has been provided in the form of reflective logos like the jacket so other riders and car drivers. The waterproof trousers are available in a wide variety of sizes which means you shouldnt have any difficulty finding the size that perfectly suits your needs.

Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And PantsRST lightweight waterproof trousers are an essential daily item especially for people living in the U.K who frequently go out on a bike ride or for any purpose. The comfortable fit and very affordable price tag of these trousers make them a good choice even for people outside the biking community such as hikers, dog,walkers backpackers, or for those who want a good waterproof trouser for day-to-day usage.

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Rst Lightweight Waterproof Jacket And Pants