Pirelli Phantom™ Sportscomp Original Equipment Of The New Yamaha Xsr700The legendary tyre from the PHANTOM™ Pirelli line has been chosen to equip the new twin-cylinder Sport Heritage bike from the tuning fork company in 120/70 R17 TL 58V front and 180/55 R17 TL 73V rear sizes

Starting from August, PHANTOM™ Sportscomp it is also available in the same sizes, with (W) speed index to respond to the trend of customization and personalization of motorcycles

Milan (Italy), 24 July 2015 – The legendary Pirelli PHANTOM™ Sportscomp was chosen by Yamaha as original equipment tyres for the XSR700, the new twin-cylinder Sport Heritage bike from the three tuning forks company, in 120/70 R17 front and 180/55 R17 rear sizes.

Chosen due to the characteristics of excellence offered by the PHANTOM™ Sportscomp that, as the new Yamaha XSR700, is a perfect mix of vintage looks and contemporary technology.

Among the strengths of this tyre we may include the easy handling and changes in direction, the stable and predictable behaviour under acceleration and braking, the high capacity of power transmission to the ground and the regular wear combined to excellent mileage.

In addition to the set 120/70 R17 TL 58V front and 180/55 R17 TL 73V rear as original equipment of the Yamaha XSR700, the Sportscomp range is available in 100/90 – 18 front and 150/70 R17 rear sizes and, starting from August, in the same sizes supplied to the Yamaha XSR700 but with (W) speed index that allows its use for customization and personalisation in the classic/vintage style of all sport and naked bikes requiring a speed index in brackets.

PHANTOM™ brand is one of the motorcycle longest and most successful range of Pirelli. Launched in the late 70s, at the time it was dedicated to the big supersport and high performance bikes. Throughout the course of the ‘80 the PHANTOM™ range played the role as standard-bearer of the Pirelli production in all motorcycle applications on the road, extending from the Supertouring segment, to the Supersport up to the “Sportscomp”.
This product was a radical innovation in the history of the Pirelli tyres for motorcycles, bringing the maximum speed limit from 230 to 240 kph and allowing performance levels truly superior compared to the technologies in use in 1985.

With the new millennium Pirelli has radically revised the PHANTOM™ Sportscomp, adding to the sporty pedigree of the Sportscomp the charm and timeless style, thereby creating a Sport Classic line within the Supersport segment.

In line with the Sport Classic philosophy, PHANTOM™ Sportscomp combines the historical tread pattern design of the PHANTOM™ line with the modern technology of the latest high performance tyres.

At a structure level PHANTOM™ Sportscomp uses a steel belt disposed at zero degrees of inclination with respect to the running direction of the tyre. Such a structural element, associated with one or more radial carcass plies of light and durable rayon, guarantees handling and grip even at high speeds. The result is high stability, uniformity in terms of contact area, and being able to optimize the contact patch at the different lean angles on the road.

To better suit the modern needs of road riding, Pirelli has adopted development philosophies which aim to obtain a more “rounded” profile for both front and rear tyres, compared to the more “flat” one of the previous generations tyres. Moreover, thanks to the combined design of the front and rear tyre profiles, PHANTOM™ Sportscomp helps corner approach, holding a line, potential for greater acceleration on corner exit and an improved precision.

As regards the tread pattern, the PHANTOM™ Sportscomp presents a wavy longitudinal groove on both front and rear tyres which promotes fast water drainage, providing confident grip in wet conditions. The tyre has a sportier image with the characteristic “semi-slick” design.

Finally, the compounds used have a high silica percentage which ensures grip in the wet and especially a fast warm up, with a confidence inspiring grip factor on cold or wet tarmac