New OptiMate USB-C on-bike charger

New OptiMate USB-C on-bike chargerThe first USB-C-ready on-bike charger for the latest generation devices.

USB-C has now been mandated in Europe as the single communication and charging connector for smartphones, sat navs and digital cameras, and OptiMate is ready with an on-bike charging kit.

The OptiMate USB O-118 is the first USB-C-ready on-bike charger, delivering 3300mA of fast charge – more than enough for the latest generation smartphones.

Like all OptiMate USB chargers, the O-118 is 100% true power rated, and delivers a continuous and consistent charge, which is essential for increasingly sophisticated modern devices. It automatically adapts the current to the connected device for safe recharging.

There’s also built-in protection for the bike’s battery. The O-118 will automatically stop charging the device when voltage drops below 13.3V, to prevent the bike’s battery and charging system being overloaded. When the engine is not running, it turns off charging after an hour.

As an added bonus the built-in battery monitor enables easy checking of battery health, and of course an OptiMate charger can be plugged straight into the O-118’s SAE connector for easy charging/maintenance.

Weatherproofing comes as standard, with an internal seal to help keep moisture out when a USB-C cable is plugged in, and a runner cap to seal out the elements when not in use.

It comes with M6 (1/4″) rings for connection directly to any 12V AGM or 12.8V LiFeP04 / LFP lithium battery, has a built-in fuse and 200cm (80”) of cable, so the USB-C end can be mounted on the handlebars, in a tank bag or under the seat.

The OptiMate USB O-118 retails for £49.90 including VAT.

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New Optimate Usb-c On-bike Charger

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