New Heated Gloves you can wear under Jacket Sleeve

New Heated Gloves you can wear under Jacket SleeveKeis G701 Bonded-Textile heated gloves are now available in a more streamlined short-cuff version, designed to sit easily underneath motorcycle jacket cuffs.

Although cut to be more compact, Keis all-new G701S ‘Shorty’ gloves definitely don’t fall short on features, sharing the same high quality construction, weather protection and heat generation technology as the long version.

The spec starts at the Ballistic Spandex outer shell, which is hydrophobic for maximum protection against the rain. Stopping rain at the outer layer keeps the wearer warmer too, preventing water-logged material from transmitting heat away from the hand.

New Heated Gloves You Can Wear Under Jacket SleeveUnderneath that is a semi-bonded Hipora™ waterproof and breathable membrane, to stop any water that may have made it through, while allowing perspiration to escape.

The bonding process also reduces bulk, for maximum feel of the motorcycle controls and stops the lining from pulling out when the glove is removed.

A generous layer of 3M Thinsulate™ insulation helps retain warmth and when the temperature really drops, micro carbon fibre heating panels – with Far InfraRed Radiation heat-generating technology – provide reliable, controllable warmth.

New Heated Gloves You Can Wear Under Jacket SleeveMore effective than heated grips, the heat is where it’s needed most – the exposed area on the top of the hands and around the fingers. The heating elements are so reliable they have a lifetime warranty.

The integral controller is positioned on the back of the hand for easy operation and enables the wearer to turn the power on and off and change temperature on the move. It features an inbuilt voltage regulator to prevent overheating.

Power can come from an on-board 12V socket – found on most modern machines – or directly from the bike’s battery using the supplied connector lead. The G701S can also be powered directly from a Keis heated jacket or vest, using additional power leads.

New Heated Gloves You Can Wear Under Jacket SleeveManufactured to CE standard EN 13594 for protective motorcycle gloves, they feature flexible soft armour across the knuckles and scaphoid sliders on each palm and are covered by a 2-year warranty.  .

Keis G701S Shorty Gloves are available in nine sizes, from 3XS-3XL, and retail at £190- including VAT.

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New Heated Gloves You Can Wear Under Jacket Sleeve

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