MV Agusta Closes a Successful Year and Gears up Production in Schiranna

It’s been a year since the announcement of the strategic partnership between MV Agusta and PIERER Mobility AG. Joining Europe’s leading motorcycle group, MV Agusta tapped in on synergies, processes and strengths, immediately achieving incredible results. In the past 12 months, MV Agusta launched 5 staggering new models, the LXP Orioli the world’s first luxury all-terrain motorcycle, the iconic Superveloce 98, the wicked Brutale 1000 RR Assen, the limited edition Dragster RR SCS America and the super exclusive 6-units-only Superveloce Arsham, a true work of art.

Looking back at this extraordinary year, there are a number of milestones that are worth mentioning and celebrating: 

Mv Agusta Closes A Successful Year And Gears Up Production In SchirannaNew Production Line

The latest milestone is represented by the new production line through which MV Agusta is now stepping up its industrial operations. The new line will turn out up to one thousand bikes per month. The new line is located in MV Agusta’s historic factory in Schiranna, and features the most advanced technology in the field.

MV Agusta’s master craftsmen, still assembling every model by hand, will be seconded by a fully automated line management system for the handling, moving and correct positioning of the units along the 28 workstations, with a particular focus on ergonomics and safety. This represents the first major investment for MV Agusta in several years, as part of its new and ambitious industrial plan.

The initial production will be around 1.000 units per month, but the new line has a total capacity of 100 bikes per day, and plans are to gradually increase output to match demand.

Timur Sardarov, CEO, MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., said: “I am so excited about this new line launching right here, in our historic plant in Italy, while many other industries are delocalising or even stepping down production. All the efforts we’ve been putting in over the past couple of years are coming together and we are now seeing some very concrete results, with growing numbers and the increasing success of our latest models. This is not only an investment in our own operations, but also in this community and in our people.”

4-year Factory Warranty

Another crucial milestone was introduced in the first half of 2023, when MV Agusta launched a 4-year Factory Warranty for all model year 2023 bikes. This strategic decision reflects the brand’s dedication to a customer-centric approach. The extended warranty not only enhances the MV Agusta customer experience but also serves as a tangible testament to the company’s unwavering confidence in its fully Made-in-Italy motorcycles and the rigorous processes each bike undergoes.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

MV Agusta also offers a lifetime 24/7 roadside assistance, activated upon the purchase of any MV Agusta motorcycle, in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, and the UK, with additional countries to follow. This comprehensive assistance package ensures that MV Agusta customers can fully enjoy the thrill of riding, with services ranging from on-the-spot repairs and towing to authorised dealers to technical assistance, transportation to the desired destination, and a variety of supplementary services such as replacement vehicles, repatriation of the vehicle from abroad, and accommodation. These initiatives underscore MV Agusta’s commitment to setting new industry standards and continuously elevating customer experience.

MV Agusta have also set the foundations for an incredible 2024.

Stronger and expanded dealer network

2024 will see the MV Agusta’s dealer network expand, with the target of 200 dealers active by mid-year with the focus on its most relevant markets. As an example, the home market of MV Agusta, Italy, will benefit from 21 official dealers in 2024 which will be supported by authorized service centres. Those will enable customers to have access to trained technicians to service and maintain their MV Agusta motorcycles. The dealer network will also be expanded in other markets, such as USA where more than 40 dealers will be active in 2024, Germany, UK, France, and more. 

System integration

2024 will also see all integrations with the PIERER Mobility AG’s systems finalized. For all MV Agusta products to be distributed by KTM, a great number of integrations were needed: from logistic and inventory software to IT and dealer management tools. Those integrations will be finalized by the end of Q1 2024, reducing sensibly the delivery time for parts, motorcycles, services and resulting in a much-improved customer experience.

Reinforced customer-centric approach

MV Agusta aims to know each customer by name and with this goal in mind a series of initiatives will start taking place in 2024. An exciting example of it is represented by the reintroduction of factory tours. MV Agusta will in fact open thedoors to its only production plant in Italy. For existing customers and MV Agusta fans, in fact, it will be possible to visit the factory with tours that will be organized by MV Agusta official dealers. Such initiatives will provide the unique opportunity for MV Agusta customers to witness how every MV Agusta motorcycle in the world is hand-built in Italy and to get to know the people behind these engineering masterpieces.

New models coming

Throughout the course of 2024, MV Agusta fans will be delighted with new exciting models, such as the Superveloce 1000 Serie Oro, which was displayed at EICMA in its final development stage. More pieces of art on two wheels will be launched and more information will come in the upcoming months. Mv Agusta Closes A Successful Year And Gears Up Production In Schiranna

Luca Martin, MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. Board Member and COO, declared: “When we look back at the beginning of 2023 we are astonished by the number of changes, implementations, improvements that have been put in place during this first year working together with KTM. Was it all perfect? No. We always strive for perfection, and therefore we are proud of what has been done, but at the same time we are fully aware of what can be further improved.

We are fully aware that our customers have experienced challenges, such as the delay in parts delivery or the renewed dealer network which hasn’t had an optimal penetration in the territory. I want to take this opportunity to again let our customers and fans know that we listen to them, and every decision of ours is based on one unique goal: putting our customers at the centre of our attention.

When we decided to reboot the entire dealer network, we were aware that this would have created disruption at the beginning of the process, but we are also sure that such decision has taken MV Agusta on the right path to provide the best customer experience in the future. The dealer network will further expand in 2024, with an improved penetration, our product ambassadors and technicians at each single dealerships are being extensively trained and the selection process for business owners to work with MV Agusta is very strict. Customers are at the centre of our approach and to achieve that we have a lot to do.

Same goes regarding parts availability. The warehouse and system integration with PIERER Mobility AG has taken a considerable amount of time, causing temporary disruptions, but such process will be finalized in early 2024 and such challenges for our customers will end. I personally believe that transparency is the best way to create a healthy relationship with our customers and fans and therefore I wanted to take this opportunity to openly address the challenges that our customers have faced in 2023 and to thank them for their passion and love.”

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