Ducati Scrambler Joyvolution hits INTERMOT 2018 with three new versions

Ducati Scrambler Joyvolution Hits Intermot 2018 With Three New VersionsThe Ducati Scrambler Joyvolution continues and the Land of Joy fun settings have been ramped up with the arrival of three fresh versions. Right now, the new Full Throttle, Café Racer and Desert Sled are gearing up to take centre-stage at INTERMOT 2018 (International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair), to be held in Cologne from 3 to 7 October.

The new Full Throttle takes its cue from the flat track Scrambler ridden by Californian racer Frankie Garcia in the 2018 American Super Hooligan Championship. With its two-tone black-yellow white-striped tank, all-new rear end with dedicated seat and white-rimmed yellow number holders, this bike has a real dirt track competition feel. A low-slung tapered handlebar – light and ergonomic – stubby front mudguard and dual-silencer exhaust add to the distinctiveness of the Scrambler Full Throttle.

With its renewed livery, the Café Racer draws its inspiration – and Silver Ice Matt graphics with blue frame – from the legendary Ducati 125GP Desmo. The new 17″ spoked wheels and aluminium bar-end mirrors give the bike a cool ’60s race look, while a modern radial front brake pump provides braking performance on a par with that of a sport bike. And there’s more: the exhaust with dual tailpipe, nose fairing, lateral number holders (with the number 54 in honour of Bruno Spiaggiari) and stubby mudguard are all clear references to the bikes that roared down British streets in the ’60s.

The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled rekindles the spirit of classic American off-road bikes without compromising on Ducati Scrambler lifestyle values. With its red frame, new seat with colour-coordinated stitching and spoked wheels with black rims, this bike is more up-to-the-minute than ever. The new Desert Sled also features an Off Road Riding Mode that allows ABS disengagement for down-in-the-dirt fun. A dedicated riding position and adjustable Kayaba suspension also ramp up the fun factor. Rugged off-road character also oozes from the type-approved headlight mesh guard, high mudguards (specially designed for this version) and engine skid pan.

These latest versions take self-expression to the max. And they stand alongside the new Scrambler Icon from which they inherit new aesthetics and technical features: presented to the press in mid-September, the latter will get its world-first public preview at INTERMOT 2018.

The aluminium of the new, beefier side panels matches the steel of the teardrop tank and the glass of the headlight flawlessly. A black-painted engine and brushed cylinder head fins add even more eye-catching panache to these new versions.

The all-new headlight with LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) boosts bike visibility in traffic, even in daylight, as do the new auto-off LED indicators. More ergonomic switchgears simplify scrolling of the LCD menu, which now shows selected gear and fuel level info. They also allow smooth operation of the Ducati Multimedia System, which lets riders listen to playlists, answer incoming calls or chat with the passenger on the intercom.

Moreover, thanks to the safety provided by Bosch Cornering ABS – all-new and exclusive for this category of vehicle – riding is now more carefree than ever. Riders will also appreciate the new softer-feel hydraulic clutch control, while the adjustable lever – like the one on the front brake – ensures the lever-handlebar gap can be adapted to individual needs.

Just four years after the Scrambler Ducati brand official launch – in Cologne itself back in 2014 – over 55,000 bikes have been sold worldwide. The breadth of the brand is also evident in the four Ducati Scrambler Camp stores in Borgo Panigale, Padua, Barcelona and New York, plus the two Scrambler Food Factory restaurants opened in Bologna.

To see the official launch video for these versions check out the Ducati Scrambler social networks or go to the official website and share the content through #joyvolution and #scramblerducati.

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