Ducati Presents The New Apparel Collection 2022

Performance Wear collection

Ducati presents the new Apparel collection 2022: style, functionality and safety to enjoy all the bikes in the Ducati range.

Ducati presents its new clothing collection for 2022, consisting of products suitable for all types of needs, designed to meet the requirements of all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Within the 2022 Apparel collection there are technical garments, conceived and intended to make riding Ducati motorcycles even more enjoyable and safer. These products are designed by the Centro Stile Ducati and made in collaboration with the best companies in the sector, with high quality materials that guarantee long life and good protection to the rider. In addition, there are more versatile products suitable for many situations, up to casual clothing, perfect to be worn in everyday life and while supporting the Ducati riders competing in the MotoGP and Superbike world championships.

The Ducati Performance Wear collection is divided into Racing lines dedicated to the track, Sport dedicated to sporty riding on the road, Touring for travel contexts and Urban for getting around town without compromising on the level of protection.

Ducati Presents The New Apparel Collection 2022

Ducati Corse Power helmet

Safety continues to be a key element for Ducati in the development of its product. One example is the new Ducati Corse Power helmet, in the Racing line. Designed by Drudi Performance on an Arai base this helmet is characterized by the outer shell in SNC2 (Structural Net Composite) fibre, which is highly resistant and has a smooth surface capable of dissipating energy for excellent impact protection. The patented inner shell, made of EPS with different densities and with variable compactness areas depending on the position, completes the safety features and allows the rider to enjoy the track to the fullest. The visor system gives a wide field of vision at any riding angle, while the ventilation is optimized for maximum stability and efficiency at high speeds.

Within the Sport line, there are two new garments that combine safety and comfort without sacrificing style. The Speed ​​Evo C2 leather jacket has an asymmetric design that gives a touch of sophistication and modernity to a distinctly sporty look. Freedom of movement and comfort are combined with CE certified safety equipment, which includes protections on shoulders and elbows, combined with plastic inserts on the shoulders and a predisposition for back and chest protectors. The zipper along the waist allows the jacket to be joined to the trousers.

The Ducati Corse Tex Summer C3 technical jacket, on the other hand, is specifically designed for hot-humid climates and for the summer season. It guarantees excellent thermal comfort even on the hottest days thanks to the removable windproof inner lining and the mix of mesh and light fabric that ensures excellent ventilation. The safety of the garment is confirmed by aluminium inserts on the shoulders, by composite protections on the elbows and by the predisposition for the insertion of the back protector.

In the Touring line, two outfits stand out which are the ideal travel companions to make every ride unforgettable. Both were designed by Aldo Drudi and produced by Ducati.

The Tour C4 jacket and trousers outfit represents the perfect combination of features and design: light and resistant, practical and quick to change into. The Tour C4 is characterized by the possibility of adjusting the space on the arms, waist and hips, combined with the air vents on the arms, torso and legs. The waterproof and breathable membrane and the thermal lining, which is a quilted jacket that can also be worn separately, allow this garment to be efficient in all weather conditions. Safety is guaranteed by CE certified protectors on shoulders and elbows, and the jacket is designed for the insertion of the back protector.

Ducati Presents The New Apparel Collection 2022

Atacama C2 touring outfit6

The Atacama C2 outfit is a total look dedicated to adventure in a perfect combination of performance, style and safety. The outfit features three modular layers with thermal lining and H2Out® waterproof membrane for maximum comfort in all conditions. Practicality and comfort of the garment are maximized by the air vents, space adjustments and elasticated areas. The jacket’s excellent versatility is also due to the detachable sleeves, to the resealable shoulder protection bag and the zip to match the trousers.

Ducati Presents The New Apparel Collection 2022

Heritage C2 leather jacket

The big news in the Urban line is the Heritage C2 jacket, designed for city riding. The unmistakable look of this garment is inspired by the historic Ducati Meccanica brand dating back to the mid-1950s. The urban design that characterize this product matches perfectly with important CE certified safety features, such as protections on shoulders and elbows and is designed for the insertion of a back protector.

Finally, Ducati offers an extensive Lifestyle range , including various Ducati and Ducati Corse sweatshirts and t-shirts, featuring new graphics with bold lines and colours. Within this collection, the Ducati Corse Thrill windproof jacket, available for both men and women, has also been renewed. The Ducati Corse Thrill is the ideal garment for fans of the Ducati Corse brand, who want to wear their passion even in their free time. The three-layer stretch soft-shell fabric guarantees excellent windproof protection as well as being highly breathable.

Ducati Presents The New Apparel Collection 2022

Lifestyle collection

The latest Ducati Apparel products will soon be available at the dealership network of the Bologna-based motorcycle company and on Shop.Ducati.com.

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