X.27 And X.21: The Pleasure Of Two WorldsGIVI launches the ECE 22.06 version of its two modular helmets, which are perfect for motorbike touring in both safety and comfort.

Offering protection and quality to provide a solution to the needs of the motorcyclist are the key points that GIVI follows when developing its products. With this in mind, as well as maintaining its commitment to innovation, the transalpine brand makes an update to its range of modular helmets available to motorbike users. These are the X.27 and X.21, which are the perfect option for two-wheeled enthusiasts looking for maximum safety on the road, without sacrificing comfort and freedom. They boast of elegant, comfortable designs, have passed the ECE 22.06 homologation and have an excellent price-quality ratio.

Since its founding in 1978 by Giuseppe Visenzi, GIVI has focused on the manufacturing of motorbike accessories, becoming one of the most influential and innovative producers on the motorbike scene. In its quest to meet the needs of motorcyclists, the Italian brand also offers a complete range of helmets, including the new version of its modular lids. These are a great solution for motorcyclists who ride long distances on the road while making several stops, for which this type of helmet offers extra comfort and functionality.

The revamping of the X.27 and X.21 is mainly focused on the helmets obtaining the new ECE 22.06 type homologation. This certification is the most recent and demanding to date, as it involves passing impact tests with 12 new points, high and low speed tests and the oblique impact test. What’s more, it also has the P/J homologation, making it suitable for use as a jet or full-face helmet.

X.27 And X.21: The Pleasure Of Two WorldsEnsuring total comfort for the user, both helmets have a padded, anti-allergic, removable and washable interior. That’s not all; they have an optimised fit that is compatible with the use of glasses. The air intakes are present in the upper area and in the chin guard, and there is an extractor in the rear area, as well as a nose guard. The two new versions have an anti-scratch screen and retractable sunglasses. Finally, the micrometric closure system provides extra comfort to these models when putting them on and taking them off.

X.27 And X.21: The Pleasure Of Two WorldsX.27: the perfect choice for the more versatile and adventurous rider.
The model comes in three graphics with a selection of 14 different designs, including a Lady version, as well as all sizes, from XS to 2XL. It has a bold design and is aimed primarily at the Touring/Adventure sector. The weight of the X.27 varies between 1,590 and 1,690 grams depending on the size. The three graphics are the DIMENSION, with five multichromatic options and the SECTOR, with six, both available at a price of £199.90; and on the other side the SOLIDhas three and comes in at a price of £193.90.

The latest addition to this family is the X.27 TOURER, which comes with two graphics and four versions available. This is a more adventurous option that distinguishes itself from the rest by including a top visor. It also weighs approximately 1,790 grams. This new model comes with two graphics, the SOLID COLOR, in matt black with a price of £247.90 and the GRAPHIC with three different multichromatic versions and at a price of £256. 90.X.27 And X.21: The Pleasure Of Two Worlds

X.21: a helmet for those who love touring.
This model is available in two graphics with a total of nine designs, including a Lady version, just like the previous version. Due to its characteristics, it is a helmet that is more oriented towards road use. The two graphics included in this range are the EVO NUMBER with six multichromatic versions; and the EVO SOLID with three. The X.21 is available in all sizes, from XS to 2XL and at a price of £194.90 for the SOLID version and £199.90 for the EVO NUMBER.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit www.givi.co.uk or call 01327 706220.

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For more information about these products or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit www.givi.co.uk or call 01327 706220