Weise Pulse Leggings ReviewMaja Kenney of Maja’s Motorcycle Adventures tests new Weise Pulse Motorcycling Leggings with many thanks to Weise check weiseclothing.com for more info

Women’s motorcycling gear has come a long way in the last few years and it is great to see that more brands are paying attention to what women want.

Protection on our motorcycles is high on our priority list and a proper fit ensures good protection. We also want to look good in our motorcycling gear and not wear men’s fitting clothing with added swirls and bits of pink and call it women’s gear.Weise Pulse Leggings Review

Comfort is also high on the list, I suspect for both, male and female riders. Having the gear that is uncomfortable can spoil the ride.

With the change in the seasons and warmer weather arriving a pair of motorcycle leggings is the go-to choice of clothing after ditching the bigger and bulkier winter textiles. I love them because they are so comfortable and simple. No faffage with thermal or waterproof layers, just a pair of trousers that fit like a second skin then you forget about them. Perfect for summer riding.Weise Pulse Leggings Review

Weise Pulse leggings are great. They offer protection as well as a good fit. The leggings have two layers, the inner one is aramid fibre lining and the top one is stretch cotton and polyester mix. They are CE approved and AA rated which is the second-highest level of protection and the leggings are fitted with knee and hip armour.

The inner layer ends just at the top of the calf which means there is only one layer in your boots and therefore negating any potential uncomfortable bulking of the material inside your boots.

The waist is cut high with a thick band that keeps them in place and there is no rolling of the top. I would have liked it slightly higher on the back, especially for the sportier ride where you lean forward. Belt hoops would have been useful too, as I found they did slide down a little bit.Weise Pulse Leggings Review

I am usually size medium or in between 10 and 12 in most trousers and I ordered the leggings in size 12 (medium). They were too big all over, the waist was standing away from me and there was too much material around my bum and thigh area. The size 10 (small) ones are a much better fit with no sagging of the outer layer and the armour stays in place. Also, the waistband now sits snugly against me.

Weise Pulse Leggings ReviewThe two waist pockets at the front are deep enough to safely tuck in small items without fear of losing them.

Time will tell how well they keep their colour after a few washes as black is usually difficult to keep dark when you are riding in the sun and washing the leggings regularly.

All in all a great pair of motorcycle trousers to keep you safe, looking good and incredibly comfortable.

Review and photos by Maja Kenney of Maja’s Motorcycles Adventure

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Weise Pulse Leggings Review