SHARK Helmets is proud to reveal a world first – iridium visors certified for use both at day AND night.

For owners of the Spartan, Spartan Carbon, Skwal 2 and D-Skwal 2 from the SHARK Helmets range, gone are the days of having to carry a spare visor in case the light drops and you’re still out on two wheels….

Shark Helmets Launch First Iridium Visors Certified For Day And Night UseAvailable in a range of four colours – light blue, light green, light red and light pink – and with prices starting from £59.99, the ECE 22.05 certified visors are scratch-resistant and Pinlock® ready.

“Whether it’s introducing the world’s first LED-equipped helmet, launching the first FIM racing homologated helmet in all sizes or bringing day and night iridium visors to market, SHARK Helmets is constantly innovating. Having seen the different coloured iridium visors on selected models, we’re sure that they’re going to be a popular addition to the range – plus being certified for both and day and night usage and Pinlock® equipped, it means that riders will get the most mileage from their purchase.”, said SHARK Helmets UK Technical Manager, Mark Eilledge.

Day and night iridium visors will soon be available or the Spartan GT and Spartan GT Carbon.

Available in dealers now*, locate your nearest SHARK Helmets dealer, visit or call 01425 478936.

*Compatible with Spartan, Spartan Carbon, Skwal 2 and D-Skwal 2 helmets.