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Rst Maverick Textile Jean ReviewWe get to try and wear RST Maverick Textile Jean (Jacket see here) with many thanks to RST Moto head to the official RST website rst-moto.com for more info.

Trousers form a crucial component of any apparel and are used to protect the lower body parts. The market is flooded with trousers of various specifications; however, you only want the best stuff when you are investing a considerable amount of money and also to protect your limbs.

Rst Maverick Textile Jean ReviewThis is where the Maverick textile jean steps in, the trousers are made out of the finest grade materials out there and utilize some of the most innovative technologies to provide added comfort to the rider in a variety of situations. Starting with the looks of the trousers, one can confidently say that they look cool and their colour schemes also add to their appeal. The quality feel and looks are complemented by several features which we will discuss here one by one.

As mentioned earlier, safety is the primary job of any motorcycle trouser, and thankfully, the RST Maverick Textile jean checks all such boxes. To begin with, the jean holds an overall CE certification to level A and a knee protection certification of CE Level 1. All of these certifications in simpler words mean that these trousers provide a high level of protection in case of impact, especially when sliding over a tarmac. Its hardwearing MexTex ballistic outer construction is not only flexible but also prevents heat energy from reaching the body parts when skidding over a rough surface.

Rst Maverick Textile Jean ReviewIn addition to the safety features, the Maverick textile jean offers great versatility too. Thanks to the inclusion of a dedicated pocket, the hip armor can be included and taken out whenever there is a need to. Both the SinAqua waterproof membrane and the thermal liners are detachable, hence providing you the freedom and flexibility to include or exclude them according to the weather conditions. The waterproof membrane allows sweat and vapor from the body to leave but at the same time provides an excellent barrier against external vapors.Rst Maverick Textile Jean Review

The list of versatile features does not end here. A 360° zipper provided around the top of the trousers makes it compatible with any RST garment. Furthermore, the trousers are tailored to provide excellent ventilation in the summer season, for which separate vents have been provided on the upper thigh portion that can be opened and closed depending upon the outside conditions. This makes the RST Maverick textile jean an ideal choice for the summer season too. Lastly, the stretch panels/ pads located at the knee allow for easy adaptability to a proper riding posture without making the rider uncomfortable.Rst Maverick Textile Jean Review


  • This is my first time wearing RST textiles they fit nicely and the build quality is excellent.
  • The RST Maverick textile jean stays true to its name and offers a wide array of features that make the experience of riding a motorbike more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Whether it is safety or user-friendliness, the trouser excels in every category and successfully delivers on its promise of providing riders of every age with an exciting experience.
  • So, if you are looking for waterproof and warm textiles then look no further than the RST Maverick Textile Jacket and and jeans.

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Rst Maverick Textile Jean Review