Rst Maverick Textile Jacket ReviewWe get to try and wear the RST Maverick Textile Jacket and Jean (jeans see here) with many thanks to RST Moto head to the official RST website for more info.

Motorbike jackets form the core of any rider’s journey on a bike and riders are ready to go to great lengths to ensure that they are buying the right jacket that fits their needs most adequately. The availability of a large number of motorcycle jackets nowadays has caused a problem for buyers and they are now having a difficult time selecting the jacket that fits their needs perfectly. However, you don’t need to worry about that because here we are going to talk about a textile jacket that can fill the needs of nearly every rider out there.

We are talking about the Maverick textile jacket made by RST that offers exceptional versatility due to the integration of numerous features. Before starting its review, it is important to mention here that the jacket has been designed to go together with the Maverick textile jean, which is why a 360° zipper has been provided around the top of the jean and the bottom of the jacket. In addition to the compatibility, the Maverick textile jacket also shares many similarities with the Maverick textile jean. So, without further ado let’s dive into the specifications and details of this textile jacket.Rst Maverick Textile Jacket Review

The RST Maverick jacket utilizes the signature MaxTex ballistic outer construction that enables it to be flexible and rigid at the same time. This property allows it to bear a considerable amount of wear and tear that occurs during a crash while sliding on a tarmac. The ballistic outer construction has earned the jacket a CE certification to Level A, this certification is further complimented by CE certified Level 1 back protector, shoulder, and elbow armor. These body-specific armor parts safeguard critical body parts from the severe impact created as a result of the body hitting a roadblock or the road itself.

The jacket offers great versatility which allows you to wear it in different weather conditions. Both the waterproof membrane and the thermal liner are detachable and both of them can be attached to the jacket at the same time. This combination makes the Maverick textile jacket an all-weather motorbike jacket that in addition to safety, provides several other benefits too.Rst Maverick Textile Jacket Review

All of the above-mentioned features would be useless if the jacket would be uncomfortable  to wear while riding. Therefore, RST has cleverly utilized even the smallest of spaces to provide pockets so you can store essentials such as mobile phones, wallets, and keys. Furthermore, the stretch panels are located conveniently at the elbows and the lower back to deliver enhanced maneuverability while changing positions on a bike. Hot summer conditions were also taken into consideration while designing the Maverick textile jacket, hence vents are provided with an open and close mechanism to route air throughout the jacket.Rst Maverick Textile Jacket Review


  • This is my first time wearing RST textiles they fit nicely and the build quality is excellent. My first impression is this product is quality, a great fit and is nice and warm etc
  • Overall, the RST Maverick textile jacket is a great motorbike jacket that provides exceptional versatility which enables a rider to use it in a variety of situations.
  • CE certifications mean that it can withstand a considerable amount of abrasion which will ultimately protect the rider.
  • All of the features combined make it at par with some of its much expensive rivals.
  • So, if you are looking for waterproof and warm textiles then look no further than the RST Maverick Textile Jacket and and jeans.

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Rst Maverick Textile Jacket Review