With an extensive lineup of sportive jackets and an ever-growing roster of leather jackets in our Heritage Innovation collection, our designers on both ends joined forces to bring something that brings out the best of both worlds: meet the REV’IT! Glide Vintage.

We’ve been an active participant inside the modern-day motorcycle custom scene since it ignited at the beginning of last decennium. We’ve seen it grow from only customized classics to a blend of classic and heritage-inspired motorcycles straight from the factory. And with many riders jumping in from other segments, the urge for crossovers rose.

Whereas classic motorcycle enthusiasts are likely to go Fonzie, it’s typically the performance-driven rider that wants something stylish that doesn’t necessary cover up its technical specs quite as much. It’s basically the starting point for the Glide Vintage.

With collections launching simultaneously, our designers separately put their heads down to come up with new products within their designated segments. That said, it’s not uncommon to see the opposition of ideas when working on new creations.

Then again, it was a clash between Adventure and Urban designers that led to our wildly popular Trench GTX jacket, and this time around, it was a showdown between our Sport and our Urban designers who both met in the middle coming from different requirements.

Within our Sport collection, the new Glide jacket catered to the desires of a slightly toned down, less-hardcore-race-fit sportive jacket. Whereas the Glide Vintage came from the other side of the spectrum, where heritage-inspired riders demanded a little more visual performance from their next favorite riding jacket. We’ll stick to the Glide Vintage here and we’ll run you through its features.

Rev’it! Glide Vintage

In order to achieve the ideal balance of visual performance and heritage style, picking the right leather was crucial in keeping the Glide Vintage on point when it came to aesthetics.

Whereas its sport-oriented Glide sibling is constructed with cowhide similar to that used in our sports collection, the Glide Vintage is carried out in a stylish buffalo leather which already shows signs of aging.

It’s exactly what you’re looking for to keep it casual. This highly abrasion-resistant leather type breaks in easily, while it gets that distinguished worn look over time.

And you’ll be happy to hear you can accelerate the aging process by wearing it multiple seasons thanks to the detachable thermal bodywarmer.

Thanks to extensive in-house work by our R&D department, we created our CE-rated SEESMART™ protectors. And ever since they saw the light of day, they’ve helped transform many motorcycle jackets into casual-looking, fashion-fitting garments without compromising safety.

They’re ultra-thin, have an open structure, and the ability to absorb and disperse impact energy. Furthermore, they work perfectly with the silhouette of a jacket; making sure style can remain at the forefront.

You could say that the Glide Vintage is somewhat of an anomaly since it comes from two different worlds. But instead of going in the direction of sport-oriented protectors, we maintained its profile and flexibility by including our SEESMART™ armor at the shoulders and elbows.

It also allows for an easy transition from bike to street, giving you all the protection without the bulk. Of course, more protection can be added by simply sliding our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector insert in the prepared pocket.

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