New Din Usb Chargers From OptimateUSB-C and USB-A plug and play charging, ideal for BMW, Triumph and Ducati.

OptiMate, the battery saving experts, have updated their dual-port USB charger for use with both USB-C and USB-A devices.

Specifically designed with BMW, Triumph and Ducati adventure models in mind, the OptiMate USB O119 and USB O114 plug straight into the standard DIN Ø12mm power sockets found on these bikes, for instant charging without any bulky adaptors or fiddly battery connections.

Riders can choose between the ‘straight’ O119 for dash-mounted DIN sockets, or the O114, which features a 90° angle to suit the Multistrada and Tiger 800/850/900 models, where sockets are fitted below the seat.

Both versions feature two ports: one for USB-C, which is mandated in Europe as the single communication and charging connector for smartphones, sat nav and digital cameras, and the other a ‘traditional’ USB-A, so two different devices can be topped up without the need for separate adapters.

The USB-C socket delivers up to 3300 mA of charge to a single connected USB-C device. When the USB-A port is also in use, power is shared. Like all OptiMate USB chargers both ports are 100% true power rated and deliver a continuous and consistent charge, essential for modern devices.

There’s built-in protection for the motorcycle battery too. When the engine is turned off, the OptiMate USB charger automatically shuts down after one hour. Alternatively, if the battery drops below 12.4 V it also shuts down, ensuring there’s sufficient power left to start the bike.

Like OptiMate’s entire range of connectors and cables, weatherproofing comes as standard, with internal seals to help keep moisture out when a USB cable is plugged in, and a runner cap to seal the socket when not in use.

The OptiMate USB O114 and the USB O119 both sell for £32.90 (including VAT) and come with a handy USB-C to USB-C extension lead, for items with short power cables.

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