Ls2 Chart Evo Lady Pant
Maja Kenney of Maja’s Motorcycle Adventures reviews the LS2 Chart Evo Lady Pant
The LS2 brand has already proven to be absolutely spot-on when it comes to ladies’ fit, quality and price.

The helmets are far superior to the price and the clothing items fit the brief in so many ways. The LS2 Chart Evo Lady Pant are no different. They are great for many different riding styles and will see you through most of the year, at least in the UK where the summers don’t last very long.

Firstly I want to mention the design. One of the rare pants that I like because of the way they make me look! They are just the right shape and not baggy. They follow the shape of my legs and are the perfect length, too.

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Ls2 Chart Evo Lady Pant