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Knowledge Is Power With New Optimate Battery MonitorsOptiMate have designed a new dual function monitor, which displays the battery’s state of charge and will also provide active charging system monitoring, giving owners an immediate overview of the motorcycle’s electrical system.

Driven by a micro-processor, the compact unit has 4 LEDs, showing whether the battery is out of charge (red), weak (amber), acceptable (one green tick) or good (double green ticks).

While the bike is stored, the LED matching the battery’s state of charge will blink every 5 seconds. This action draws just 0.2 milliamps, a fraction of the power drawn the most motorcycles’ circuitry, so it will not have a significant affect on battery lifespan.

When the engine is running, the LED mode changes to an arrow, which points at the LED matching the voltage being delivered by charging system, so owners can see at a glance whether the electrical system is operating properly.

Two versions are available to suit lead-acid batteries, including AGM. The O-124 is a 60cm (24”) weatherproof lead, that attaches to the battery and has SAE connectors for an OptiMate charger or other accessories. The O-125 monitor is designed to be connected to any 2-pin SAE battery lead already fitted to the motorcycle. It is also compatible with OptiMate cable adaptors, such as the O-02 AUTO/BIKE plug, O-04 battery clip set or O-19 low profile BIKE (DIN) plug.

The O-127 for lithium batteries has a 24” (60cm) weatherproof lead, but with a slightly different display to the lead-acid battery monitors, showing whether the battery is out of charge (red), weak (amber), acceptable (14V = one green tick) or over-charging, which can kill an expensive lithium battery!

The 0-124 sells for £22.99 (including VAT), the 0-125 costs £19.99 and the 0-127 is £22.99. All are covered by a 3-year limited warranty. For details visit www.optimate1.com.