Introducing Quad Lock 360Build Your Own Quad Lock® Mounts to suit your active lifestyle.

The leader in case based mounting solutions has just dropped one of their biggest product releases to date.

Previously creating mounts for specific use cases, Quad Lock 360™ opens up a multitude of new markets for Quad Lock® such as boating, kayaking, aviation, music and off road activities to name a few.

Quad Lock 360™ is a modular range allowing customers to configure a mount to suit their active lifestyle. With over 200 different combinations, customers are now able to configure the perfect mount for their specific application.

Introducing Quad Lock 360“Quad Lock 360 is not only a new range, but a whole new approach for us. With QuadLock 360 we have enabled users to build the perfect mount for their active lifestyle,while providing them the opportunity to be inspired by how others are using the range.”
– Rob Ward, CEO and Co-Founder.

Quad Lock® have also launched two new innovative ways to shop for Quad Lock 360. User scan choose to build their own through the Quad Lock 360 Kit Builder or explore and Get Inspired by how others are using the range.

What started out as an iPhone Bike Mount on Kickstarter 10 years ago, the Quad Lock®

range has expanded into a full suite of options. Whilst cycling and motorcycling remain the leading markets for Quad Lock users, Quad Lock 360™ introduce the brand to a new range of customers, whilst still serving their existing user base.

Build Your Own Quad Lock 360™ Mount:


Introducing Quad Lock 360About Quad Lock®
Quad Lock® revolutionised the smartphone mounting market in 2012 with the introduction of their case based mounting system. Originally launched through Kickstarter, the Quad Lock®

range now includes mounts for Cycling, Driving, Running, Motorcycling, Photography and a range of Lifestyle options. Quad Lock® is the very best smartphone mount for an active lifestyle.

With millions of Quad Lock® users and over 70,000 5-star reviews, Quad Lock® is the best solution for mounting a smartphone.Introducing Quad Lock 360Introducing Quad Lock 360