Handy Hanger For Brühl Bike DryerSturdy steel wall mount for Brühl’s range-topping bike Dryer.

Declutter your workspace with the Brühl Wall Hanger, which keeps the MD2800PRO Dryer out of harm’s way, yet easy to reach when needed.

Mounted to a workshop or garage wall, the robust steel carrier allows the MD2800PRO to be stored at a safe height and in a convenient location.

It frees up floor and cupboard space and keeps the Dryer out of the way of vehicle wheels, work boots and other potentially damaging situations.

Handy Hanger For Brühl Bike DryerNeat and simple to use, the Dryer’s rubber feet slot into recessed holes, and the sturdy strap holds it firmly in place. When you need to dry your bike, undo the quick release clips and lift it down.

There are also hooking points for the flexi hose and power cord, keeping both tangle free and preventing trip hazards.

The low profile design means when the Dryer is in use, the Wall Mount itself won’t get in the way either.Handy Hanger For Brühl Bike Dryer

Brühl Dryers are a handy addition to any workshop or garage. Blowing air at speeds of up to 80 metres-a-second, they blast water off surfaces and get moisture out of hard-to-reach areas. Not only does this reduce the risk of corrosion and electrical failure, it also prevents water-spotting, for a streak-free finish.

The Brühl Wall Hanger for the MD2800PRO Dryer retails at just £25 including VAT, and comes with mounting instructions and hardware.

Visit bruhl.co.uk to view the complete range of dryers and accessories.Handy Hanger For Brühl Bike Dryer