Extend Battery Life On New BikesDesigned for owners of new (and nearly new) motorcycles, the OptiMate1+ smart charger maintains 12V batteries, for peak performance, as well as extending their lifespan, way beyond the average (4 years).

Delivered with a 1.8m (6ft) power cable (like all other OptiMate chargers) for convenience and versatility, two keyhole slots allow for easy wall mounting and there is a slot to fit a Velcro strap – shaped so that the charger can hang from a motorcycle’s handlebar.

The increasing complexity of electrical systems, on-board computer diagnostics and sophisticated anti-theft devices, puts strain on a battery from the get-go, and without proper attention it can be damaged beyond repair over a relatively short period of time.

The OptiMate1+ delivers precise micro processor controlled charging and long term maintenance, whilst providing power to the on-board computer and anti theft alarm – crucial for bikes that aren’t ridden regularly and those stored over winter.

It’s safe to use with all 12V STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) and sealed GEL lead-acid batteries, and the unique 24-7-365 programme means the user can just ‘connect and forget’. A low volt start will recharge batteries from as low as 4V and used regularly it’s capable of increasing battery life by up to 400%.

There is no risk of overcharging and the OptiMate1+ has built-in spark suppression, with automatic shut-down, if short-circuited or the battery is disconnected.

The OptiMate1+ retails for £42.99 including VAT – less than the price of most replacement batteries – and comes with everything needed to get connected.

Visit www.optimate1.com for details.