A Summer With The Ducati Scrambler T-shirts And Travel Bags

There’s a world to explore as well as the Ducati Scrambler way of life in the new Ducati brand’s collection of T-shirts, travel bags and knapsacks. The collection of outdoor and casual T-shirts is ideal for the summer season

There are nine different Ducati Scrambler T-shirts in the collection for men; colour schemes range from high contrasts to solid colours, from melange grey to yellow and optical white. There are three different T-shirts for women in ivory, optical white and black. Two of the women’s T-shirt models are made in viscose while the third is in malfilé cotton. Each T-shirt in the women’s collection has designs both on the front and the back, printed with water-based dyes or plastisol, sometimes even with glitter.

Summer road trips by bike lack a certain something if the right bag – a faithful companion on all the best road trips – is missing. The Ducati Scrambler travel accessories collection includes a wide range of bags such as the Messenger as well as saddle bags and tank bags.

The waterproof bags come in either brown or dark green in colour to underline their outdoor character, but the Ducati Scrambler travel bags are above all practical. The set of Urban Enduro watertight saddle bags made with a plastic tarpaulin material, is resistant, versatile and ideal for daily motorcycle use. The set of Classic saddle bags in eco leather and fabric is more vintage in style while the Full Throttle side panniers are made of thermoformed plastic, minimalist in style but not in capacity. Then there’s the tarpaulin Urban Enduro bag which can be fitted to the passenger seat. Last but not least is the magnetic Urban Enduro tank bag which is easy to install thanks to magnets on its underside and it’s safe to use even in the rain as it is a waterproof accessory with a ten litre capacity – the same as a briefcase.

No trip is complete without the new Utah picnic rug made of 100% cotton with a tartan design. Conceived for those who want to live close to nature, the Utah rug is yellow and black, purposefully designed to be reminiscent of the Ducati Scrambler. Furthermore it’s extremely light, compact and easy to carry. When taking to the road with Ducati Scrambler apparel and travel accessories, the trip immediately gains a certain sense of adventure and fun as well as full comfort.

Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories are available at the Scrambler Camps and from all Ducati dealers, as well as through the Ducati Scrambler website (http://scramblerducati.com/en/apparel) or at the online shop section (http://shop.ducati.com/gb/scrambler.html).