Why Arai Indeed? The Arai QuanticMaja Kenney of Maja’s Motorcycle Adventures tests new Arai Quantic Helmet with many thanks to Arai UK check Arai UK for more info

I’ve heard people swear by Arai and I always wondered what the appeal is. They look quite big and round in shape, not exactly flattering compared to some other brands. The new Quantic is not the lightest of helmets I have, in fact, at 1.6 kg it is quite a bit heavier than some of the other helmets I have.

It is marketed as a sports-touring helmet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an internal visor, which for me, seems a great option to have when you are away from home for days and weeks at a time.

Why Arai Indeed? The Arai QuanticInstalling the intercom system wasn’t the easiest compared to others, quite a bit of faffing with the liner and I still have a cable showing on the side. This may well be a user error but I managed to hide everything in my other helmets so it can’t be all me.

Despite this, the moment I put the Arai Quantic on my head I loved it instantly. The way it fits around my head and face makes you feel like you are in a safe haven. The materials are soft and seem kind to skin and the inside of the helmet hugs your head in a way that just makes you feel safe. I was keen to go for a ride and see how my face will look like after a few hours of riding.

Why Arai Indeed? The Arai QuanticThe first thing I noticed was the ventilation. There are several vents that actually work! It was a hot day and I could feel the air circulation around my head. There are three vents at the top of the helmet. One at the front behind the 3D Arai logo that you control by opening or closing the catch at the top. Then there are two on each side and slightly further up that you push forwards or backward depending on whether you want them open or close.

A large chin vent that is easy to move with the gloves on lets plenty of air in. Then there are two vents in the visor itself, these worked great when my glasses steamed up!

Why Arai Indeed? The Arai QuanticAnd lastly, a vent at the back of the helmet under the rear spoiler, to let the air out.

The air direction was definitely felt, especially at the crown of my head which I welcomed very much as it kept me cool for the whole ride.

The helmet isn’t terribly quiet which did surprise me. It is really good on a calm day but I did find it very noisy in the wind.

After wearing it for a couple of hours on a day out riding there were no lines on my face, no telltale signs of a new helmet. It fitted perfectly and whilst it is firm around my face it is also very easy to take off and put back on again.Why Arai Indeed? The Arai Quantic

It is not the perfect helmet in terms of ticking the boxes but despite it all, there is something about it that makes me feel super safe wearing it. It is incredibly comfortable and it has now become my main helmet for long trips and tours. I have a feeling Arai might become my go-to helmet from now on.Why Arai Indeed? The Arai Quantic

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