Weise Tundra Short – Jean ReviewThe Tundra short denim is another product by Wiese that is made for riders who want to be different from others on the road. Regular motorcycle denim is an everyday sight for a daily rider; thus, the Tundra Short denim is a clever solution by Weise to infuse a new life into motorbike jeans. It features a perfect amalgam of style and comfort which is hard to come by as one has to compromise one for another. The short & trendy yet comfortable fit makes this denim a perfect companion for whenever you are in the mood to flaunt your style and character.Weise Tundra Short – Jean Review

The company hasn’t prioritized style over substance, in fact, the short denim provides the best of both worlds whether it be style or protection. The stretchable outer construction with 250gm of aramid fiber lining (a material used in extreme environmental conditions such as space exploration & military applications) provides the best protection motorcycle denim can get. All the joints and parts are double stitched together so that the individual components remained connected with each other even in the most challenging conditions. The semi boot cut makes it go well with all kinds of footwear and add a new flavor to its already stylish looks. The zip and the button provided for the flyer and the waist respectively are also a convenient feature since most of us are used to using these in our daily worn jeans.Weise Tundra Short – Jean Review

The complete absence of rivets on the rear isn’t a cost-saving measure, but it is another comfort-oriented feature so that the rivets don’t press upon the rider’s body and create unnecessary annoyance. A total of five pockets, three on the front and two on the back provide ample space to store electronic gadgets and other items securely without having to worry about them falling unexpectedly. The Tundra short denim is available only in black color and you will have no problem finding the size that perfectly fits you.

Weise Tundra Short – Jean ReviewThe knee area is well protected by CE-certified armour that is also removable. You can add another layer of protection by opting for a hip armour that is available separately. The pockets are pre-stitched so that you don’t have to make any adjustments at a later stage. Like any other Wiese product, the Tundra short denim also comes with the company’s two years warranty which essentially means that Wiese is confident of the quality of its product and is therefore ready to offer such a long warranty for it.

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