Weise Detroit Jacket Review

Weise Detroit Jacket ReviewHere we have the Wiese Detroit jacket, which might look like a jacket from the 60’s but underneath its retro styling lie numerous features that make it a worthy competitor and portray the high level of attention to detail that has gone into its manufacturing process.

Weise Detroit Jacket ReviewThe Detroit is the perfect leather jacket if you want to make a statement about your fashion sense with a touch of retro styling. The faded black/dull green color further complements its traditional character and makes it look like a jacket that has passed on to you from generations, which is essentially a good trait. The white stripes on each arm along with thin contrasting red strips add a touch of prominence to the jacket all the while retaining its vintage styling. The entire jacket has several bits and pieces that subtly remind you that you are wearing a jacket that elegantly oozes vintage styling.

Weise Detroit Jacket ReviewThe jacket may look old school on the outside, but it has several features up its sleeves that make it a worthy contender to all the other brands in the market. To begin with, the natural cowhide leather used in its manufacturing process guarantees longevity and supreme comfort and at the same time is a great insulator against cold weather. The removable thermal gilet adds an extra layer of protection against harsh weather and the adjustable waist system provides a snug fit so that the jacket remains hugged to your body when encountering high-speed winds.

Weise Detroit Jacket ReviewThe Weise Detroit nicely hides all the armor under its leather which is perfect for a vintage jacket. All the critical areas such as the elbows, shoulders, and back have CE-approved armor that will provide excellent protection in case of an impact. The Wiese stamped on the bottom quietly tells people which brand the jacket belongs to without making a big deal out of it.

Inside has two pockets one of which fits precisely my iPhone 11 Pro Max which is rather handy as I find there’s nothing more annoying than a jacket without pockets inside.

Weise Detroit Jacket ReviewConclusion:
I instantly took a liking to this jacket as I love the retro cafe racer style vibe, this may well now be my go to jacket, to be worn on and off the bike. If you remove the armour and inner lining its a perfect smart leather jacket to be seen out and about in as well.

The Detroit is an excellent all-round motorcycle jacket that delivers a good combination of retro styling, comfort, and protection.

Moreover, the price you pay for this jacket is totally worth it as it built using the finest materials and the highest standards of quality control.Weise Detroit Jacket Review

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Weise Detroit Jacket Review

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Weise Detroit Jacket Review

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