Vanucci Releases New AAA Rated VUT-7 Motorcycle Jeans

Vanucci Releases New AAA Rated VUT-7 Motorcycle JeansVanucci releases new AAA rated VUT-7 motorcycle jeans featuring T-Tex Pro® technology.

Louis Moto’s flagship exclusive motorcycle clothing and accessories brand, Vanucci, has launched the new VUT-7 motorcycle jeans, made with T-Tex Pro® Twaron® Single Layer Technology – a special single layer material combined with denim providing an exceptional level of abrasion protection.

Vanucci’s new VUT-7 motorcycle jeans offer AAA rated protection and utilise the latest technology that allows the production of fabric with Twaron® fibres woven with denim. The result is a highly protective single layer fabric which does not need a separate Twaron® lining.

The T-Tex Pro® material provides an impressive abrasion protection level of 4.2 seconds, with the VUT-7 motorcycle jeans also complete with removable Super Shield SC-1/KB2 air protectors on the knees with infinite adjustability. Super Shield SC-1/SB2 air protectors are present on the hips, too, defending against impacts in all key fall areas.

Vanucci Releases New Aaa Rated Vut-7 Motorcycle JeansIn addition to offering high-level abrasion and impact protection, the VUT-7 motorcycle jeans provide uncompromised comfort and fit in all riding scenarios thanks to the new single layer technology delivering stretchability and breathability. Comfort also remains while off the bike, making them a versatile choice for daily commuters and casual weekend riders alike, with five outside pockets furthering practicality.

The new Vanucci VUT-7 motorcycle jeans are priced at £257.00* and are available in a 31-inch to 40-inch waist, and either a 32-inch or 34-inch length. The VUT-7 jeans are now exclusively available to purchase in the UK via the Louis Moto website:

Vanucci is Louis Moto’s exclusive premium motorcycle clothing brand, and for UK motorcyclists shopping Vanucci as well as any of Louis Moto’s other exclusive brands, VAT and refunds on any applicable customs charges on orders made from the UK will be covered. This means riders can enjoy shopping online without any surprise costs along the way. Free delivery to Great Britain is also available on orders over £199.00.

*All prices correct as of the date of the post.Vanucci Releases New Aaa Rated Vut-7 Motorcycle Jeans

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