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Triumph Street Triple R ReviewThis week I am trying a Triumph Street Triple R it’s time to channel my inner Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible II (ok it was a Triumph Speed Triple).

When the bike was wheeled off the ramp, i was pleasantly surprised it’s a relatively small bike compared to my last review bike maybe because its naked. Love the look, with the bug eyes at the front, the looks of this bike are definitely aggressive but in a good way.Triumph Street Triple R Review

For this test, I took it for a ride around the south downs and down to the seaside.

Triumph Street Triple R ReviewReview

In the past decade or so, the streetfighter segment has seen tremendous growth. Thanks to the advancements in technology, streetfighters nowadays provide the best possible combination of performance and excellent ergonomics. These bikes are essentially super sports motorcycles that have been ripped of their fairings and modified to provide a meaner look and better city driving experience.

Modern streetfighters can trace their roots back to the 70s when many enthusiasts started removing the fairing on their sports bikes to prevent any damage in case of an accident. The newfound trend had accidentally given birth to a new class of motorcycles called streetfighters. The naked bikes have made immense progress over time and streetfighters nowadays provide matchless performance and supreme comfort as well.

Of course, not every streetfighter is created equally, only a few brands can stand apart from the rest of the crowd in terms of providing the best all-round performance. Triumph is one such brand, its motorcycles are renowned throughout the world and their streetfighters are no exception. The Triumph Street Triple RS is currently their most capable streetfighter, but not everyone can afford a top of the line beast and that is where the Street Triple R comes in.

The Street Triple R is the younger sibling of the famous Street Triple RS, although it is a lighter version, it still packs enough punch to bring a smile to your face. The lighter version also maintains the retro looks of the previous generation but with a modern touch. Apart from a few changes, the motorcycle looks nearly identical to the higher-spec RS variant and provides excellent value for money. This new version replaces the old Triple S and Triumph has done an excellent job of making it an ideal replacement by refining the older model.

Triumph Street Triple R ReviewUndoubtedly the most stand out feature in the Street Triple R is its engine. To be precise it is a liquid-cooled 765cc inline three-cylinder engine that punches out 118ps @12000rpm and 77Nm of torque @9400rpm. The engine revs happily all the way up to 13000rpm with its standard exhaust producing a refined yet sharper & louder exhaust note at higher RPMs that is pleasing to the ears.  The refined engine response rivals some of its expensive rivals and is ready to growl even at the slightest of inputs. The six-speed gearbox is butter smooth and comes as standard with a quick shifter, making the riding experience even more fun and aggressive.

Triumph Street Triple R ReviewTriumph has worked on the braking department as well. The Nissin brakes are replaced by dual-piston & ABS-enabled Brembo brakes, providing an ideal performance even on wet surfaces. The stock Pirelli tires have enough grip for leaning along the bends and they play their part in providing good braking performance.

Triumph Street Triple R ReviewThe Street Triple R comes with a fully adjustable suspension both at the front and the rear. The suspension is tuned to be a little stiffer than the previous version which in turn provides excellent handling capabilities. The bike compensates for a bumpy ride on rough surfaces by providing hefty feedback especially on a racetrack or winding roads. The suspension is by no means harsh enough to give you backache and does a good job of swallowing up bumps in daily commutes.

Another department where the Street Triple R shines is its weight. The bike is unbelievably light and has a dry weight of only 168kgs, making it even lighter than the KTM 790 Duke. The lightweight makes it a nimble machine which in turn makes it easier to maneuver it in city traffic. Though the wider handlebars mean a longer turning radius which may make turning a cumbersome task. Triumph Street Triple R Review

The rider ergonomics are tweaked towards a sportier side, the foot pegs and the riding position are a bit aggressive and demand a posture relatively similar to a supersport motorcycle. The seat is a bit raised, which further complements the sporty character of the motorcycle.

Triumph Street Triple R ReviewOnly the very basic electronics are provided which include three driving modes, traction control, and as mentioned above, an anti-lock braking system.


Like the last review, I’m from an Italian and Japanese sports bike riding background and my previous experience with Triumph is limited but after this ride I hope that will change get to try some more in the future.

Overall, the Triumph Street Triple R is a very capable and affordable streetfighter, that provides good power and amenities at a lesser price compared to its competitors. It would not be wrong to say that the bike provides the best value for money in its class.

A rather retro design language and a silky-smooth engine are surely the highlights of this streetfighter.

Some might say its a downside that the Street Triple R has a lack of enhanced electronic aides that other bike may have. I personally disagree as too many buttons and modes can get overly complicated, especially if all you want to do is jump on your bike and ride.

The Triple R is a reliable machine and competes neck to neck with the Japanese opponents in this regard.

Whether you are on a road or a racetrack, the Triumph Street Triple R will I’m certain surely exceed your expectations and will prove to be your trusty partner over a long period of time. Prefect for day to day riding either nipping to the local shops or a longer journey.

It safe to say I loved my time with the Triumph Street Triple and highly recommend it.

My only gripe of the Street Triple would be if your used to bigger wing mirrors it I think the triples are a tad on the small side, but with everything I’m sure you would get used to it.

Motorcycle kindly supplied by Triumph UK, for more information on Triumph Motorcycles UK visit triumphmotorcycles.co.uk/

For more specific details from a previous post  https://superbike-news.co.uk/new-2020-street-triple-r/

Or check Triumph Motorcycles dedicated page for Street Triple check here Triumph Street Triple R

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Helmet kindly supplied by whyarai.co.uk
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