Triumph Bonneville Bobber ReviewCan you fall in love with an inanimate object? some say you can. As soon as I set eyes on the Triumph Bonneville Bobber it was love at first sight, it even came in my favourite cherry red. Read this article in our new online magazine Modern Classic Motorcycle News

Few two-wheelers have the honor of being as cool & iconic as the Bonneville Bobber. The Bonneville has enjoyed a sacred reputation amongst the enthusiasts; however, the latest upgrades have made it considerably more attractive. It exudes a retro cruiser charm whilst fulfilling all the modern-day standards including but not limited to the emissions standards. As with any other Triumph two-wheeler, the Bonneville Bobber also boasts an impeccable built quality that is visible from afar. The all-new 1200cc British icon infuses a breath of fresh air into a motorbike industry that is fast running out of classic-era machines, leaving the enthusiasts with little choices to quench their thirst.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber ReviewAs an avid fan of retro-inspired motorbikes, I was eager to try the latest iteration of the Bonneville Bobber. The previous version has still got quite a respectable space in my heart for the authenticity and the riding pleasure it provides, however, it lacks some of the modern amenities which many of the riders have now got accustomed to. The 2021 version retains the instantly recognizable charisma of the Bobber lineup all the while featuring subtle changes that are quite apparent but they, in no way, diminish the charm a Bonneville Bobber is known for. The front & rear fenders are still absent and the ignition switch, to this date, is mounted beneath the fuel tank of the bike. All this means that only the crucial creature comforts have been included in the new version. In fact, the minimalist DNA of the Bobber lineup still continues here with the rider seat being the sole seat available and a bulging engine & exhaust pipes that are purposefully exposed to execute a typical cruiser personality.Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review

Despite the minimalist theme going all around the bike, the Bobber still has a wet weight of nearly 250kg which is not light by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, the riding dynamics have been designed as such to maximize the riding pleasure and ease of riding around town. The planted riding experience is also helped in part by the purpose-built chubby front & rear wheels that are accompanied by the Showa folks and spoke rims. The spoke rims look phenomenal especially in contrast with the color schematics of the Bonneville Black which I had the pleasure of riding for a brief moment. The ergonomics have been well organized since the neutral riding stance and easy-to-reach & adjustable controls make the motorbike a sheer pleasure to drive. The seat only looks a bit uncomfortable from a distance, but its aluminum construction leaves plenty of room for padding. Behind the seat is a nicely hidden mono-shock that works like a charm on paved & slightly uneven surfaces.

As mentioned earlier, a host of modern amenities have been integrated that are complemented by LED lights all around the bike. The amenities themselves include cruise control, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, dual-channel ABS, though, the front calipers are Brembo and the rear one is Nisin. Nevertheless, the whole brake package is potent enough to provide plenty of stopping power even on damp surfaces. The 1200cc powerplant is a twin-parallel setup that churns out 77 hp and approximately 106Nm of peak torque. Since the peak torque is available at a lower RPM band, therefore, the Bonneville Bobber is quite capable for city rides and short commutes. Conversely, long rides can feel a bit underwhelming since the 250 kg weight in conjunction with high wind resistance really makes the bike struggle to move ahead. Other than that, the riding experience, as a whole, is quite comfortable and enjoyable.Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review

A major part of extensive improvements for the new Bobber includes a bigger fuel tank, improved fuel economy figures & better compliance to modern emission standards. The fuel tank has been enlarged to accommodate 12L of fuel which is a 25% improvement over its predecessor. This, combined with a claimed fuel average of 61mpg (4.6L/100km) makes the new model cover more miles without having you make a stopover at a nearby fuel station. Though, the improvements in the emissions department may not be to everyone’s liking. The Bobber may now be compliant with Euro-5 emissions standards, but its exhaust note isn’t as deep and loud as the previous version. Nevertheless, it is a commendable feat by Triumph since the air-fuel mixture is still fed by a carburetor.

To sum it all up, Triumph has done an excellent job with the all-new Bonneville Bobber. It retains all the essential hallmarks of its predecessor and also the top-notch built quality that is synonymous with all the offerings by Triumph. The price may seem a bit steep to some, but you will only realize its true worth when you take a personal look and test drive.

This bike to an old sport bike lover like myself is gorgeous through spending a fair bit of time on Triumphs recently my taste is changing from speed to a more comfortable ride. Ii I had the money I would be the first in the queue to purchase one.
Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review

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