Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Rst Built With KevlarLightweight, tough and incredibly durable, Kevlar® fibre adds value, anywhere a physical challenge needs to be met.

RST is therefore proud to partner with Kevlar® to curate a collection of better, stronger, and safer protective apparel that confronts the physical demands of motorcycling. At RST, our obsession with protection is relentless. Ultimately, our job is to do everything we can to ensure our riders are comfortable and protected. Our garments need to perform – working in synergy with the rider and the bike.

The RST Built with Kevlar™ Range may look casual but is anything but. The collection features a range of textile jackets & shirts, hoodies and jeans that have been designed with safety and comfort in mind. They offer enhanced abrasion resistance and tear strength even on your toughest rides.

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