Rst Brixton Jacket ReviewI got the chance to try RST’s Brixton textile jacket a whilst testing the Triumph Trident recently below is my review of the Brixton jacket.

Rst Brixton Jacket ReviewTextile jackets may not have a rich history as their leather counterparts, but they do offer some additional advantages. The RST Brixton jacket, as a whole, looks cool even (old school look) from afar almost has a leather look to it from a distance. The fit & finish has been tailored as such to comfortably accommodate your arms and the torso. For an affordable jacket, the quilted stitching is remarkably well detailed and there’s no sign of shoddy craftsmanship. The adjustable waist & cuff comes in real handy for a person like me who often faces difficulty whilst fitting his arms through non-adjustable cuffs.

Rst Brixton Jacket ReviewThe jacket, though, made entirely from a mixture of HD Wax & Kevlar, boasts a rather retro theme that one expects only from a traditional leather jacket. However, the greatest advantage of the Brixton jacket stems from its durable cotton & Kevlar construction that not only provides protection at par with a traditional leather jacket but also keeps me relatively cooler on hot summer days. The non-leather material is further complemented by ventilation points at the chest and the rear that do a great job at dissipating the humidity. Moreover, the jacket can instantly be turned into a cold-weather jacket by attaching the quilted thermal lining that comes as standard with the overall package.

Rst Brixton Jacket ReviewNo motorbike jacket is complete without solid armor protection and fortunately, the RST Brixton jacket has got an CE level protection as standard thanks to the use of protectors in all critical areas. The key protected areas include the back*, shoulder & elbow that are generally the most vulnerable areas in case of an impact. All the zips are also muscular enough to withstand the wear & tear that occurs during a crash, ultimately, providing you the confidence to push the boundaries.

*This jacket doesn’t have a back protector as standard I luckily had one from another jacket however your can purchase it from from the princely sum of £17.99

RST’s Brixton textile jacket is available only in black color at the moment, but the availability of a vast number of sizes means you’ll have no problem finding the right size for yourself or your fellow riders.Rst Brixton Jacket Review