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Radio Ducati Scrambler Is Changing: No Longer Just Music But Also Original ContentRadio Ducati Scrambler is changing and becoming more of a real radio station.

A new schedule of programmes is being launched by Web Radio Ducati Scrambler to coincide with World Radio Day on 13 February – a day in which dialogue, tolerance and sharing through the radio is celebrated all over the world.

The programmes, in English, focus on five original themes with a series of exclusive contents that will talk of the world of Ducati Scrambler through the eyes of bikers who are also writers, travellers and musicians.

‘From zero to hero’, a travel blog with Riccardo Felici, ‘Scrambler Eggs’ stories about music from Nero and Memphis, ‘Don’t call me Cinderella’, the female point of view by Valentina RocketQueen and Federica Moschiano, ‘Writers’ by Elena Mearini and ‘Scrambler Snacks’ with news, suggestions and in-depth features about the Land of Joy.

Consolidating the fact that Radio Ducati Scrambler is truly connected to its community, plenty of space is reserved for listeners to tell of their passions and experiences, and there will also be items featuring sports champions and lesser-known heroes of the motorcycle world.

Radio Ducati Scrambler interacts with and comes alive on the social networks and soon also on a new, fun and intuitive app. The radio is represented by a new logo too, with two pistons in the shape of microphones and a payoff that recalls the vitality of every Scrambler: ‘our rumbling sounds’.

The new programmes will be in addition to the current rich schedule of music which is available via web streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, directly from the website.