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Olev Grants Enhance Harley-davidson Livewire As The Ideal Commuter Solution

LiveWire 2018

The zero CO2 emissions motorcycle is now eligible for EVHS grant.

As commuters continue to seek cost-effective and social distanced alternatives to public transport, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has reduced some of the cost barriers associated with electric motorcycles. The changes further highlight the benefits of two-wheeled electric vehicles as sustainable options.

OLEV approved low-emissions motorcycles benefit from an additional government incentive “plug-in” grant of 20% of the initial purchase price, up to a maximum of £1,500. In the case of LiveWire® customers, the £1,500 grant is automatically deducted from the list purchase price at time of sale by the supplying Harley-Davidson® dealership.

Customers who are VAT registered and business users can also claim back the 20% VAT associated with business or promotional use purchases.

In addition, the latest OLEV announcements introduced a 12-month continuation of the ‘electric vehicle homecharge scheme’ (EVHS) and the official list of eligible plug-in electric-only cars and vans was also amended to include large electric motorcycles. This means that the electric Harley-Davidson® LiveWire® motorcycle is now eligible for a £350 grant towards the cost of purchasing and installing a dedicated home chargepoint unit.

Plus, the OLEV funded grant is available to places of work under the Workplace Charging Scheme to encourage more employees to go electric in the future.

With dedicated ‘chargepoint’ units, a higher-powered charge is delivered for faster charging and, used in conjunction with a low-economy electricity tariff, enables LiveWire running costs to be reduced.

For further information on the Harley-Davidson LiveWire please visit the dedicated LiveWire pages or contact your local dealer.

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