New Vespa Gtv, Vespa Style Has Never Been So Sporty

New Vespa Gtv, Vespa Style Has Never Been So SportyVespa Gtv is the extraordinary combination of legend and modernity: the low headlight and the exposed tubular handlebar combine with sporty finishes and a hi-tech equipment package 

New digital instrumentation, full led lights, and keyless system. Powered by a 300 HPE engine with more than 23 HP, the most powerful ever mounted on a VESPA

From its début in 2006, Vespa Gtv has been the ambassador of the purest classicism in the Vespa family thanks to the use of the “faro basso” (low headlight), positioned on the front mudguard, and the exposed metallic tube handlebar, both reminiscent of the style of the most iconic models.

In 2023, Vespa Gtv comes out in an entirely revolutionised version, maintaining the must-have similarities to the origins of the legend, but combining them with an ultra-modern technological equipment package and unprecedented sporty finishes. The result is an extraordinary combination of tradition and modernity, classicism and audacity, which come together in the most authentically sporty Vespa ever.

The new Vespa Gtv is powered by the gritty 300 hpe (High Performance Engine) single-cylinder, with 4-valve timing, liquid cooling, and electronic injection. Accredited with power of 17.5 kW (23.8 HP), it is the highest performance engine every mounted on a Vespa.

New Vespa Gtv, Vespa Style Has Never Been So SportyAn authentic style, even sportier
The new Vespa Gtv evolves under the sign of sportiness and includes the significant stylistic improvements introduced on the new Gts range, with even more painstakingly crafted finishes and a construction quality that rises to never before reached levels.

The light clusters are now full LED, including the characteristic low headlight, whereas the new instrumentation maintains the elegant circular shape, but it is now entirely digital, a solutions that lets you take advantage of the features provided by the Vespa MIA connectivity system, available as an accessory.

The instrumentation is connected to the handlebar using an original offset bracket and it is surrounded by an aggressive looking top fairing with reduced dimensions and a clear racing inspiration. handled by three horizontal slots, it is painted to match the body. The orange coloured top fairing, available as a separate accessory, gives Vespa Gtv an even bolder look.

At the centre of the leg shield, the unmistakable “necktie” has sporty lateral slots and is enhanced by orange-edged decorations. The five-spoke wheel rim design is also new, painted matt black with orange graphics on the channel.

Another distinctive element of the Vespa Gtv is the two-tone single-seater saddle with a racing look and the rear part that is installation ready for a rigid cover colour coded to match the body reminiscent of the typical fairings on competition Vespas. The cover is available as a separate accessory and is removable. In any case, seating is approved for two and it has plenty of comfortable seating room, characterised by a particular technical pattern and horizontal thermobonding, framed by contrasting orange stitching.

The general look of the Vespa Gtv stands out for the matt black trim that characterises the low headlight and rear taillight assembly, the profile along the perimeter of the body, the passenger grab handle and footrests, the silencer cover, the rear view mirrors, the support, and the instrumentation frame.

The new Vespa Gtv is available in the two colour schemes, Beige Avvolgente Opaco and Nero Convinto, with contrasting orange graphics on the front fairing and on the sides.

New Vespa Gtv, Vespa Style Has Never Been So SportyHi-tech equipment
Vespa Gtv embraces technology and the vocation to travelling typical of the extremely recent evolution of the Vespa Gts family – the famous “Vespone”. Therefore, the ergonomics are perfect Vespa ergonomics, enhanced by its comfort and large body. The seating is natural and allows for total control of the vehicle and absolute comfort even over long distances.

Convenience and practicality are highlighted by the introduction of the keyless system, which allows the ignition to be switched on without the need for a traditional key. On the back leg shield, the classic ignition key switch is replaced by a practical knob. To start the vehicle, simple press it and turn it to the ON position. The engine starts in the usual way, using the button located on the right hand controls block.

The adoption of a new LCD instrumentation allows a thorough range of trip information to be displayed (maximum speed, average speed, current consumption, average consumption, range, and battery charge state), as well as all the notification relative to calls, messages and music, if the vehicle is connected to the smartphone using the VESPA MIA (available as a separate accessory).

It comes standard with a USB port, located in the storage compartment in the leg back shield, whereas the spacious under-seat compartment has a mat.
On the safety front, it comes standard with ASR electronic traction control and an ABS anti-lock braking system.

The new Vespa Gtv is already available in Vespa showrooms at a price of £6,750 plus road tax and registration. 

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