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New Optimate 6 Select - The Most Advanced Charger YetAs motorcycle control systems become increasingly advanced, with engine management and even suspension settings now microprocessor controlled, software updates, rider adjustment and troubleshooting with diagnostic tools and apps is becoming more common.

Often the update and diagnosis modes require the machine to be ‘switched off’ for extended periods. As the systems and processors work they can drain the battery of power, subsequently disrupting, and even stopping the processes, giving false error/diagnostic codes – a little like pulling the plug on your home computer when it’s in the middle of an update.

A battery optimiser is the obvious solution, but using the wrong type can also disrupt the update/diagnostics process, if it fails to prevent the battery voltage dropping below the minimum level needed for the bike’s control systems to work – typically around 12.5V.
Specifically designed for use with update and diagnostic modes, the new OptiMate 6 Select features a built-in ‘power supply’ that delivers a fixed voltage of 13.6V; ensuring there’s enough charge in the battery for downloads, updates and troubleshooting.

The 6 Select prepares the bike’s battery properly before any updates take place, with two modes available: one for batteries charged to the standard voltage of 14.4V and the second for high performance AGM batteries that need a charge voltage of 14.7V to reach 100%.

The 6 Select’s nine-step charge programme delivers accurate temperature-compensated voltage and up to 5 Amps charge current. The process is automatically controlled by OptiMate’s unique AmpMatic processor that delivers just the right charge according to battery size and condition.

It also monitors the battery, warning the user if current draw from the vehicle is likely to cause the battery voltage to drop too low.

Making the whole process easier still is the new OptiMate HOOK, which allows the user to hang the OptiMate on the bike’s handlebar; lifting cables off the floor and keeping the OptiMate’s LED display in easy view.

The OptiMate 6 Select is available at retail price of £87.49 including VAT and is covered by a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind. For details visit www.optimate1.com.