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LS2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

Ls2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket
Maja Kenney of Maja’s Motorcycle Adventures reviews the LS2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket.
The LS2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket is an all-purpose jacket ready to take you from the daily commute to a long tour. Suitable for most weather conditions, it is waterproof, breathable and well-fitted. 

The LS2 Serra Evo Ladies jacket is well fitted to a woman’s shape and suitable for a variety of motorcycling rides.

Earlier in the year (June), I had a trip to Norway and this time it was a different style of riding. I knew there would be plenty of off-roading to do and wanted a jacket that would be suitable for any weather without having to stop to adjust anything. LS2 Serra Evo Jacket fitted the requirement. It is waterproof and breathable with vents for warmer days. It also comes with a thermal lining but I was hoping that won’t be necessary (it wasn’t).

Read this post (you can also order a printed copy) and more in issue 7 of Modern Classic Motorcycle NewsLs2 Serra Evo Ladies Jacket

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